11 Chapter 11 Bigshots!!

"Meimei, hurry up!! We don't want to be late on our first day of school!!

"No rush Shanshan....

Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan moved to the city one week ago, after Manager Bai helped them register for school.

Manager Bai helped Wu Mei buy a villa in one of the most quiet and richest estate in Country Y. Well with Wu Mei's money, she can even buy half of Country Y and even feed it's citizens!!

Wu Mei looked at the school uniform in distaste.

"Tsk.... Shanshan how can you wear something like... this....

The school uniform is short, not even close to the knee. For a person like Wu Mei, one should know that wearing a skirt is a no-no!!

"What choice do you have?? It's the uniform, you have to wear it!! I'm also looking forward to you wearing it, I've never seen you wear a skirt before!!

"Sigh..... I can't believe this!!

One minute later and the both of them entered the car to leave for school.

"Missy.... We've arrived!!

The same time that Wu Mei's car parked, another car parked beside them.

Seeing the person inside , Wu Mei's eyes darkned.

Wu Tang came down from the car with a small smile.

Many students ran to welcome her. With her beauty, performance at school and pretentious heart, Wu Tang was crowned the School's beauty and goddess. But this will soon change.

Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan alighted from the car and the chaffeur handed them their bags.

"Thank you..... Come pick us up when school closes. You have to take us somewhere.....

"Alright Missy.... Enjoy your new school!!

Before the car left, some students had already noticed Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan's ride . They pointed out the model of the car to other students. Naturally, Wu Tang would notice it too.

"Wu Mei??

"Tangtang , do you know who they are?? Just look at their ride. It's the latest model!!

"Yeah..... That's my eldest sister, Wu Mei!!

The student didn't notice Wu Tang grit her teeth when she said that.

"Your sister?? I thought you said she came from the country side??

"Mnn..... She might have a rich boyfriend" Wu Tang answered in a suggestive tone.

The student isn't stupid so she refuted what Wu Tang suggested.

"Tangtang, look at the car!! Who will be generous enough to gift her a car like that!!

Wu Mei smiled, she heard what Wu Tang told the student.

_Wu Tang, how was I not able to take care of you in my past life?? You are to dumb!! Little by little Wu Tang, you'll get to know who I truly am.

"Come on...

Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan walked hand in hand to the Dean's office, while the other students went to their classrooms.


The Dean looked up and saw the two bigshots standing in front of him. He knew who the both of them were and he also knew that they were not to be triffled with.

"Ah.... Miss Wu..... The Dean bowed.


"Yes, yes. Miss Mei, how nice of you to come to Baichang Academy!! I am happy to welcome you!!

"Hmm..... Dean, I trust Manager Bai told you what you're supposed to do??

"Yes,yes!! Don't worry, I won't reveal your identity. Rest assured!!

"Good!! Now Dean, you are my senior, there is no need to bow. Just remember that I'm just an ordinary rich student okay??


"Then, Dean..... I'll see you later.....

The Dean nodded.

After they left, he slumped on the chair and fanned himself exaggeratedly.

"Big shots everywhere. That little girl is the owner of Racing Palace and the other a missy from the Qian Family!! But why will s

Miss Mei come to Baichang??

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