1 Chapter 1 Alone

Cold and dark..... This place can be called that. After all this is a prison cell. Imagine how hard life can be for the people you have been put here. But.... Her?? What crime did she commit to have been sent here?? The crime of wanting the love of her family?? Or the crime of selling her body just for the sake of her ungrateful so called family. How stupid was she to not have seen how badly they treated her but still, she wanted to prove that she could fit in. For so long she always wanted a family, but when she got what she wanted, she didn't want it anymore. How naive she had been trying all she could just for the sake of helping her family but what did they do?? Her sister backstabbed her, her fiancee left her for her sister, her mother and father put her in a cold cell with barely enough clothes and food to eat. Why?? Because she held the Wu Grandmaster..... The will which was put in her body from birth, that same will that made people orchestrate the separation of her from her family. The will that could control the entire Country Y, but how come the will ended up with her?? Did the Grandmaster implant it in her knowing that she would suffer with it?? The heavy prison door opened as her so called mother Wu Li and sister Wu Tang entered the dark room. A guard escorted them and the flashlight that he brought was now fixed on her. Because of her eyes not being able to adjust to the lights, Wu Mei closed them. Her ears which could hear the slightest noise and pick up even a whisper couldn't help but perk up as she heard the first talk her mother said years after her torturing.

"Wu Mei.... Why are you doing this to yourself?? Can't you just tell us where the will is?? If you do, I can tell your father to let you go"

Hearing what Wu Li said, Wu Mei didn't say anything, not because she didn't want to but just because she couldn't.

After years of torturing Wu Mei's vocal cords were destroyed and her limbs, tendons were all broken. Even the food put in the cell was untouched. How could she take it, even crawling was excruciating for her, especially now that it was cold. For a week now she hasn't tasted anything, not that the food there is edible.....

Wu Mei rested her head on the bars hearing what Wu Li has to say. But Wu Tang was impatient and she came to add her words.

"Still not speaking?? It seems that I was lenient with you all these while??

Lenient?? Wu Mei said in her heart. You call this lenient??

"Big sister..... I am not here today to shed blood, I just want to tell you that I and Qiao Xi are getting married, it is a pity that you are not there to celebrate with us"

Wu Tang looked at Wu Mei trying to gouge out a reaction from her but as usual Wu Mei remained motionless.

"Hmph!! Since you are not saying anything how about I let you have a taste of getting your stomach and your intestines cut out, so I can search for the Will?? Then will you scream for me??

Scream?? I lost that ability a long time ago..... Nothing can make me scream. Even though you disect me, you won't be able to find the Will because I destroyed it.

But of course Wu Mei didn't say that out loud.

"Guards!! Wu Tang called clapping her hands "Come let's look for the Will in this woman's belly!!

The guards picked up a broken bowl which edge has dulled, going closer to the motionless girl sitting in the corner.

But how could Wu Mei sit without doing anything, even though she is weak, even though her legs weren't working anymore. In the face of danger the impossible becomes possible.

Wu Mei head butted the guard who came closer to her and with a grunt he fell down, bleeding from his head. Wu Mei took the dagger from his belt and crawled towards Wu Tang like a ghost that came out from the horror movie.

Slash!! Slash!! Slash!!

With how fast and precise Wu Mei is, every inch of Wu Tang's face was slashed.

The remaining guards came in hearing Wu Tang voice, coming in to meet the sight of Wu Mei laughing hysterically, her voice coming off as scary.

"Kill her!! Kill that b*tch for me! How dare you ruin my face!! Kill her!!

Several gunshots filled the air as Wu Mei's eyes dulled, she fell over slowly with a dark smile.

If only... if only I have a second chance. None of this will happen, this will never happen.

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