19 Upset

"I never say I would not come, it's just that I have a meeting around then so I might arrive late. I might miss the best part of the launching," Gabriel explained.

"Why are my two best friends doing this to me? Did I ever wrong any of you in my past life? Why is it that both of you have meetings on the day of the event?" Stephanie asked upset. She has been trying to console herself with Gabrielle's absence with the fact that Gabriel will be around to support her but now she wasn't even sure Gabriel will be able to make it too. Tomorrow is the day she needed both her friends the most, she just can't believe that they won't be around.

"Steph, I am sorry," they both chorused.

"We didn't mean for this to happen. I know my meeting must have been deliberately set by my parents just to make sure I don't attend the event but I am sure Gabriel's own is just a coincidence. Don't be sad, Ok? Besides even though I am not there a surprise still awaits you on that day," Gabrielle who was sitting beside her gave her a warm hug.

"I promise I will make sure I make it there," Gabriel promised. As the vice president of the Company, he had a lot of work to do. With his elder brother back, he had to submit a lot of reports and documents for the period he wasn't around so he will be able to catch up on the company's progress during his absence. His elder brother has been on his neck since he came back so he didn't have much free time.

"I pardon Gab because it isn't her fault that she won't be around but considered yourself fired from my life if you can't keep your promise," Stephanie stated seriously. Gabriel who wasn't very sure whether he will make it to the launching hesitated before he gave her a definite answer.

"Yes, Madam," He saluted in a funny manner causing a burst of laughter to erupt in the room. They both chatted and laughed their heart out for a long time. At the end of their little celebration, Gabriel opted to take Stephanie home and she readily agreed.

"Goodnight, dream about me," Gabriel said waving at her.

"I will see about that," Stephanie shouted waving at him. Stephanie walks elegantly towards the entrance of her apartment building, but her steps became slower when she almost reaches the brown wooden door. She saw a bouquet of rose on her doorstep. She turned around to scrutinise the area to see whether the person who dropped the bouquet was still around but to her disappointment, nobody was at sight at that moment. She carried the bouquet of the flower into her apartment with plans of trashing it if it was not from someone she knew. She sat down on a couch in the sitting room and took the card out. She read the content of the card.

"I didn't have any choice but to relay my feelings for you through these beautiful flowers. I have missed you so much. I have been longing to see you again but I thought you wouldn't like a clingy guy as a boyfriend that is why I didn't show up. Is it Ok with you for me to attend the launching tomorrow? Goodnight, have a pleasant night. From your heartthrob, Clark." Stephanie smiled when she read the card. From the many messages the card relayed she now saw the reason why he bought the medium size card and not the usual small size people use.

After she finishes reading the message on the card, Stephanie quickly took out her phone from her handbag and started typing.

"Thank you so much for the flowers. I love them and the launching event is wide open for you to come. My secretary will be the one to personally escort you into the event hall on my behalf. Have a pleasant night." Stephanie text message was short and concise.

She rested a bit before she freshens up and went to bed. Tonight was different because Stephanie did not dream about V as she usually did. She dreamt about the event which was in a few hours. In the dream, she dreamt about all the plans her sister had in stuck for her.

When Victoria told her she was going to teach her a serious lesson, she knew she wasn't joking but she didn't know that her plans were elaborate until she saw it in the dream. She woke up smiling satisfactorily.

"Sorry sis, but it won't go as you had planned," Stephanie said stretching her stiffened body. She felt happy and refreshed.

Stephanie hummed her favourite song as she took her bath. The thought about the launching which was in a few hours excites her.

"Oh deity, please watch over me as I accomplish your mission and also don't forget to do your own part of the bargain," Stephanie spoke to the mirror as she dried her hair. Her confidence shows that she was certain that the person she was talking to was there. In fact, she has conversed with the person countless times, so she knows that the person she was talking to exists.

After applying lotion and makeup on, Stephanie put on her fitted black skirt and white long sleeve. Tied her hair into a ponytail, grab her bag and car keys and head outside. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw who was waiting for her outside.

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