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Stephanie walked elegantly into the huge event hall garnering the attention of everyone. Everyone was mesmerized by her looks and elegance except him. Her white off-shoulder dress did the magic of exposing her flawless skin. With a smile on she looked so bewitching. Beautiful was an understatement for her unrival beauty. Every step she took was calculated.

Isn't staring at a person's face and body the normal thing to do after her elegance entrance? Alas reverse was the case with him. The first thing his eyes landed on was the glittering blue bracelet on her hand. Like a wild beast, he stood up from where he was sitting and majestically walked towards her.

"Where did you get those?" The first words he threw at her were those of interrogations not compliments. His expression was cold and so was his tone. Stephanie rolled her eyes when she heard his question. She was so fed up with this guy's attitude towards beautiful ladies. She would have taught him a serious lesson long ago, was it not for someone.

"And what are those you are referring to Mr Adams," Stephanie snapped back coldly. His eyes were fixated on the hairpin on her hair.

"Sorry, I can't give those to you even though you like it," Stephanie said when she saw his gaze move to her bracelet. She made to walk away but he held her hand. Everyone in the hall who knew this devilishly handsome guy's attitude towards beautiful ladies were stunned to see him talking to the lady who has won their affection by her mere entry into the hall.

"Where did you get those?" Came his second question. Stephanie who has been trying to keep her temper in check could no longer control her anger anymore when the guy kept on interrogating her as if she was some criminal.Β 

"And why do you care?" Stephanie asked staring into his eyes whom people hated staring into.Β 

"Maybe my question sounded like a request but that was an order so give me an answer," Adams Vincent said, giving her his scariest glare.

"Do you think your threats or scary glare will make me shiver in fear?" Stephanie asked sarcastically. "Hell no! If you need an answer, learn to speak politely. You can come back for an answer after you have learned how to be polite. Maybe, just maybe I will give you an answer if I feel like it," Stephanie sneered before she walked away.Β 

The host of the part heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the guy had left the lady alone. She was so glad but Stephanie did not walk far from him before he took long strides towards her. He caught up to her in no time. Seeing this everyone was scared to see what the angry CEO will do next. They all subconsciously held their breath without realizing it. The moment he was about to take actions the voice of a guy interrupted them.

"Look who is here? Senior bro, why didn't you say you were coming? I would have made special preparations for you," Gabriel said playfully.

"Do I need your permission to attend my little sister's birthday?" Vincent snapped back harshly. Gabriel quickly signalled Stephanie to get going when he saw that Vincent's attention was on him. He knew how scary his brother could be when he was angry. Even he could not help but get scared whenever his brother lost control of himself.Β  He has been like that since he was little so there is nothing they could do. Everyone who knows him always wants to get far away from him when he is angry. He walked away again in pursue of Stephanie. Gabriel was annoyed as he stared at his moving back. He was angry that his plans did not work out.

"What do you want from me again? Have I been too nice to you? That is why you think I am an easy lady?" Stephanie asked as she turned to face him.


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