239 Siblinghood

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Macau Bay was Macau's most famous and scenic beach.

It was the first of May, a holiday. Many tourists from mainland China came to Macau. The beach was filled with people and laughter could be heard.

The sea breeze blew on her face with a trace of a wet fishy smell. It was the unique smell of the sea. In the distance, flocks of seabirds were flying high in the sky, while the sun was up and blazing. Jian Ai wiped some sunscreen on her body and layed on the beach to bask in the sun.

The phone rang. Jian Ai picked it up and saw the caller ID: Bro Wu Bi.

"Brother Wu Bi," Jian Ai said after pressing the answer button.


Wu Bi's low chuckle came from the other end of the phone. "Girl, how's your May 1 holiday? Do you want to come over and play for two days?"

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Wu Bi's tone was light and gentle.

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