1 Berserk Queen

The Rakshaa World a crimson planet which revolve around a gigantic red star in a solar system of 13 planet which revolve red star by both horizontal and vertical revolution of six and seven planet group.

The Rakshaa world has 4 great moon hovering around the world. In these world all life form from plant to animals all have red eyes and hair. In these world even the water has the color red.

A true world of blood, were strength defines all if you have strength then you can do any thing and no one will complain.

The Rakshaa world used to contains 4 great nation which used to maintain equilibrium in strength in the world, which hold the some peace in the world because of that there weren't major war such as world war happen for quiet 20,000 years.

However 600 years ago three major power nation allied against 4th and the strongest kingdom. In the peaceful coagulation of 4 nations they back stab the 4th kingdom suddenly all the imperial family were collapsed. They used poison with the help of fifth princess fiance the second prince f 3rd nation.

Except fifth princess who have been in rest room have hear all and see all what happen because of fear she became statue and even forget to scream or cry only silent tears were flown like river on beautiful face.

They also forget about here due to that she was able to run to the general of her country who was able to pave a way of blood for her escape.

But all for not, because of there huge momentum and well prepared attack they cant even last for 30 days.

only 5th princess were able to escape with royal general. later they got married and have son. But 5th princess happy and peaceful life did not last because of generals brothers greed for reward they sold them out.

There betrayal leads to the death of general and her son, only she was able to escape death because of her fall in the river stream and flown away in the depth of demon forest.

There she pledge for revenge and meets the chaos beast.

A beast like leopard with the dark hair like gigantic fox.They together creates chaos in the demon forest and make there way out after 50 years and became strong.

Then her bloody revenge begins, through slaughter, Assassin, Theft and learning.

stealing resource by any means to became strong finding tombs, adventure throughout all around the word as assassin , theft and killer. she pave her way out finding formulas of weapons and medicines for increment of her power she became mad and Berserk.

And finally made a name for her as Berserk Queen around the world.

For her goal she kills all weather a enemy or allies if goal reach she kills that all..

After 200 years she finally broken the norms of the world of strength by all means form, weapon, poison or true strength in martial or energy she broke the peak alongside the only comrade chaos beast.

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