Rebirth of Hou Yi Book

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Rebirth of Hou Yi


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For ages past, Chang'e has resided on the moon in her own domain, mourning the loss of her beloved Hou Yi. However, everything is about to change in the year 2020. Hou Yi is reborn as.. A/N: I know diddly doogly about Chang'e and Hou Yi. I barely know anything and will be making up random hoo ha as I go along to bring these two star crossed lovers together at last. I know Chang'e supposedly betrayed our poor Hou Yi for an immortality elixir, but I am going with a different background for my story. In it, Hou Yi was robbed by brigands and not Chang'e. Chang'e was given one of the elixirs by Hou Yi. End note. Please enjoy and help me out with suggestions and powerstones when I have enough words written, and please share guys. Thanks. Now I begin.


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