406 A King on His Knees

Finding his balance, he quickly tried to grab me, using his momentum to swing me back and forth and from side to side like a bucking bull.



Every time his hands would approach me, I would bat them away with the knives, causing him to start screaming out in frustration.



I sent two tiny sparks of my purple flames into his ears, letting them burrow into his brain as deep as possible. I don't know if I wanted another Beta like the water one. I had a feeling that with our connection, I would be able to feel what he felt.



My goal for this 'king' was literally cannon fodder. I wanted to send him out with all of the troops to raze the land of humans, and if he got killed, well, I would try to find a secondary 'king' to take his place. But, seeing as I was expecting him to die, I didn't want any sort of link to him.




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