16 Chapter 16

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"You all will go no further than this." Han Sen said while going ahead of the group, blocking their flight path forward.

Lao Feng nodded as he had already discussed this with Han Sen, but the others in the group started raising their voices in protest.

"Are you crazy you can't face those on your own."

"Just because you beat use doesn't mean you can beat it?"

Han Sen released his demon lord's haki, and then repeated what he said before."You all will go no further than this."

His words seemed to carry actual weight as they all found it impossible to breath all of a sudden. That on top of the fact the pressure he was emitting was physically pushing them down from the air making it hard for the wing beast souls they had to keep them in in the air.

Lao Feng began flying back towards the forest and eventually the rest of the group followed him as they could resist the pressure that Han Sen was giving off anymore.

After he saw they left Han Sen began preparing himself. He wanted to get rid of the other creatures under the super creature first. Since they would be a distraction and a nuisance if he just rushed into the fight and they began piling up on him.

<Kami-e: Life Return Release>

<Darkflame Lightning>

<Suspended World>

His skull turned translucent and his already muscular frame inflated by a good margin in a matter of moments. He could feel his strength increase, along side his stamina falling. He had unsheathed both of his dadaos hardening them with haki first he then had darkflame lightning channeled through them, bringing the metal to a temperature higher than the magma below him. He took out some primitive jerky from his inventory and began shoveling them down. He had to keep some fuel in his system while having the darkflame lightning channeled in his swords.

He made sure he was above the lava and retracted his silver wings and began free falling. He took a diving pose with his swords held in-front, diving into the magma like someone would dive into a pool. The magma didn't burn him but made him feel as if he was swimming in a warm pool.

After adjusting himself, he began navigating. His demon lord's haki had incapacitated the creatures around him. And he was using Universal detect to find the creatures and Sky shave in the magma to push himself forward faster.

"Ordinary salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

"Ordinary salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

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"Primitive salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten primitive geno points randomly."

He got a good look at the creature he had killed with his demon lord's haki. The creature's skin was red and looked quite slimy, with black striped markings lining their backs. They swam through the lava easily, due to having four webbed feet pushing them forward. Seeing his first victims in range he swung his sword slicing the creatures in front of him in half.

"Primitive salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten primitive geno points randomly."

"Ordinary salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

"Mutant salamander killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it's meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

He began touching the separate body parts putting them in his inventory. He continued going in a roundabout around the volcano killing off the creatures swimming in the lava. Whenever he was close to them the weaker ones would die immediately, while the stronger ones would be stunned, having a hard time retaliating.


Han Sen could now be seen flying above the volcano's crater, which to be noted was quite wide. His universal detect could barely cover it all but it didn't cover the entire volcano in whole.

He already killed everything around the volcano and was trying to figure out how he wanted to fight the super creature as he could already see it as its head was above the lava staring at him and he could see the rest of his body using universal detect. He had attracted its attention due to his demon lords haki. And he was guessing it wasn't pleased about him flaunting his aura around.

The dragon's appearance matched that of the outside surface of a volcano. It's body seem to be made blackish rock with red light seeping from in between the cracks. It had straight two horns, with the tips pointing back. Down the center of its back a line ran from the base of its skull to its tail. And to top it it's claw tips matched its horn tips. A reddish orange color, a testament to just how hot they probably were.

[Dragon's image here]

After a moment of staring at each other the dragon decided it would make its first move to get rid of the foreign entity who had invaded its territory. It open its mouth and dipped its head down scooping lava into its mouth causing its cheeks to swell up before it spewed out the lava in a stream, making it look somewhat like pressured water.

Seeing the stream of pressured lava head straight for him he wanted to see what would happen if he were to punch the stream head on. So he did something he hadn't done in a while he decided to look into the future.

How he had this ability you might ask? Well it was one of the abilities he got from Rob Lucci, Observation haki. But he didn't really call it that anymore since his observation haki had merged with his universal detect ability. How long he could see into the future was dependent on his fitness index just like universal detect was.

He just never used it that much only when he first began training his skills. And the only reason he was using it now is he was facing something that he didn't want to make any mistakes fighting against.

His mind began to be filled with images of him punching out with a haki covered fist meeting the lava stream head on. As soon as the black fist connected with the stream it was completely eradicated, continuing on to make a whole in his chest. It even turned the streams direction slightly making an even bigger chunk of his chest disappear.

Han Sen conscious was brought back to the present where he saw the stream approaching him. He quickly used Kami-e to bend his body in a odd motion, making the stream miss him completely.

It was a moment later the dragon ran out of fuel, ending the stream. It was the. Han Sen took the brief moment the dragon dipped its head in lava again to seemingly teleport in front of its head.

The dragon undeterred, once again spewed the lava from it mouth. But instead of dodging the stream this time he met it with his own attack. He swung his dadaos at the stream. His swords turned into afterimage upon afterimage stacked upon each other as he slashed out creating a X that left a trail behind it wherever it passed.

[Sword Art: Breaking water Rip Tides]