Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth
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Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth


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What is Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth

Read Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth novel written by the author TONYANN on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, comedy, poortorich. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Chang Ying discovered that after living a life where her husband whom she hadn't even tasted yet was snatched from her hands, her family was destroyed and she lived in abject poverty, it wasn't her fault at all! Worse, her life was just collateral damage in an unexpected love rival's rebirth-revenge story. Worse, well, much worse, this lousy love rival did not stop there and went around causing trouble for both the denizens of her world and the department in charge of reincarnation. Hence, Chang Ying also got a golden ticket to be reborn, or something like that. As for Chang Ying's past, the man she once married had spent every single dime he earned to marry her. Unfortunately, on her wedding day, her family embarrassed him because he was dirt poor. And after her husband traveled, he came back to find another man on top of her. This kind of terrible misunderstanding, she can resolve them now that she has gone back in time. Except... Chang Ying was reborn at the moment when her husband and a crowd of onlookers are outside the door and she is stuck naked inside with the wrong man! She really wants to dial the number of the death and reincarnation department and ask, "Did I kill your family dog? Why can't you return me at a better moment, huh?"


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I thought the premise was approached from a pretty refreshing angle. I think the protagonist has her work cut out for her with her rival. I can't even 8magone willingly agreeing to live in poverty but out MC apparently loved the guy so much she agreed in the past. I hope the male lead is worth it.


Except for Adeline Grant's works, I don't like all Qidian's stories. Too overpowered, too cliched, too many unrelatable Mary Sue characters, too much dilly-dallying, bad writing, too many misused words, too many useless dialogues, and pointless characters and arcs. BUT this may be an exception. So far, this story provides great promise, and I'll be reading on.


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