Rebirth as a Billionaire's Wife (Move To New Link) Book

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Rebirth as a Billionaire's Wife (Move To New Link)


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Dead after saving a family from a zombies attack, Maya finds that she has been rebirth to a peaceful world where zombies are just fictional stories used to scare bad kids. Living comfortably is her new goal. But the current body she used, Finola, seemed to have been engaged with someone before she finally used the body. Forced by her 'family', Maya must marry a crippled man who is notorious for his bad temper and rumored to be dead soon enough. But that's not the only problem she has right now. Evan, her husband seems to have a lot of people who want to take his life all the time. Using her previous life experience, Maya starts her new life as a wife of a cold billionare from that day on! THIS STORY HAS BEEN MOVED TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT. PLEASE FIND MY PENNAME (Aurora) or the title (Rebirth as a Billionaire's Wife) AND RE-ADD THIS STORY TO YOUR LIBRARY. Thank you for supporting me^^


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