1 Light can not exist without Darkness!

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Light can not exist without darkness, in a society where we like it is always all good and bright. Some people are always happy, always keeping a smile on their faces.

From someone else's perspective, their life would look perfect.

Well now that I think about this, the word perfect has a different meaning for people.

For some, it would be the textbook definition, and for others, it would be the best they could do.

"Why am I thinking this Anyways?" I said talking to myself, I was all alone after all.

"I should focus on driving my bike, or I might just crash and die, would that be too bad tho?" I asked myself as I increased the speed of my bike.

I am driving just for fun, it's the middle of the night. I drove the bike on the highway, I live nearby and whenever I feel like I am sad, depressed, or just feeling lonely I would take my bike out and go onto the highway and drive it as fast as I can. I have been doing this for years now. I did make some friends on the way too, all of them I met at the gas station that I was heading to.

I drove my bike and slowly increased my speed, the speedometer on my bike kept going up as I moved in-between cars that were driving on the road.










I passed between 2 cars at the top speed my bike could handle, I could feel the adrenaline rush, and somehow it made me feel alive.

"Hahahahahahah, vooooooohuuuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed in joy at the top of my lungs.

I was practically leaning on the gas tank of my bike as I passed a few cars in a blink of a second. As I was going past another car, I could see 2 children staring at me from the window of the car, they were practically glued to the window, one boy and a girl.

I smile as I saw them, I wish I had siblings I thought as I went passed them just in a few seconds. I could feel my blood pumping as I drove at full speed.

When I drove my bike everything seems to move slower, or at least that's what I thought, the loud voice my bike was making could be heard, for a long distance.

As I drove the thought of what I crashed or losing control of the bike came to my mind, what if I crash? Lose control? So what? I would die, the five minutes that I lived as I drove this bike at full speed, made me feel more alive than my life had ever made me feel. Anyways so even if I were to crash somewhere or lose control of my bike I won't mind it.

The only regret I would feel would be, if I crashed into someone else's car, I don't mind dieing but I don't want to ruin someone else life with mine.

I thought this as I finally started to slow my bike down, I was reaching my destination, the gas station. I was told by one of the friends that they were going to ride today and If I wanted to join them then I should meet them here.

I slowed down, back to the normal speed of my bike, and I finally saw the lights of the gas station.

I approached the gas station and then entered it, as I did I could finally see 2 more people with bikes standing right beside each other as they filled their bikes.

I slowed my bike down and then parked it right beside them and then got off my bike.

"Hay dude, you started the party without us? We could hear you speeding from here" one of the bikers with a red helmet, with horns said.

"Ya, we thought that you were racing someone, I wish my bike could go, as fast as yours," the second one said, he was wearing a blue helmet, with some rights that made different patterns on his helmet from time to time.

"Sure, if I die you can take my bike," I said as I gave both of them, fist bumps.

"Don't regret what you say the camera is recording everything you know" the blue helmet guy said. As he pointed at the camera on his helmet.

"Ya, if I die. You can take my bike. Show it as legal proof, I don't mind" it was true that If I die I don't mind him taking my bike, it's not like I would use It after I die anyways.

As we were speaking, another car pulled up right beside us, it was the same car that had two kid's inside.

A middle-aged lady stepped off the car and started filling the gas in her car tank.

The boy in the car rolled down his side of the window which was facing us.

"Wow, you were fast," he said excitedly. I could feel his excitement just from his high-pitched voice as he spoke

"Is that so?" I asked as I approached the car window to talk to the kid, the other two biker's stayed back just to watch.

"Ya, you went by us in a flash," he said as he moved his hand in a fast motion trying to show how fast I was going.

"I wanna ride a bike just as you did," he said, but as soon as said this the lady, who was filling the gas in their tank, looked at me. I could feel the hostility in her gaze.

"You don't want to be like me, what I did was wrong you know," I said trying to change the mind of the kid.

"But you did it too?" he said, with a sad look on his face.

"Kiddo let's talk man to man here," I said as I leaned closer to the window, and talked in a hushed voice.

"You might, not understand this. However take it as a piece of advice coming from someone who has more life experience than you" I said, the kid nodded and his sister came close to us before I spoke.

"I don't have anything to lose," I said, "I don't mind dieing because I don't have anyone in my life, so I would advise you against doing what I did, you have your sister and mother right." And he nodded.

"What about your dad," I asked, both kids made sad faces, with a lot of sorrow, "he died in the line of duty," he said and his sister stayed quiet.

"Your dad must have been a brave man, I am sorry for your loss," I said as I took my helmet off.

Both kids looked at me, and I looked the boy right in the eyes as I said: "kid you have a duty, your father died in the line of duty so I am guessing that you are the only man in the house right?" I asked and the kid nodded as he too looked me in the eye.

"You are the only man of the house, it was your father's duty, to walk your sister down the aisle when she marries, and take care of your mother when she gets old, but now that duty fall's on your shoulder, and its a really heavy responsibility. So think about your sister and your mother before you make a decision that you think would impact their lives" I said as I ruffled his hair.

After saying so, I took a step back from the window. That boy had a lot on his mind and I knew that what I told him now should not be said to a kid of that age but, I know that someone had to tell him this. And I took responsibility to do so.

When I was done I looked toward the woman who was filling the gas tank, she gave me a nod of appreciation and approval and I nodded back at her.

When I was looking at the woman, something caught my eye, there was a black kitten on the road, she looked relaxed as she sat right at the center of the road.

"What is a kitten doing there?" I asked myself as I moved towards the road. As I moved I could only look at the kitten, it had green eyes, that looked to be glowing a little as I saw them. It was as if I was entranced by the eyes, without even realizing, in just a few moments I was right beside the kitten, looking right into its eyes.

"What are you doing here, kitty," I said as I bent down to approach it, it looked to be majestic and calm as I approached it. It stayed calm and let me touch her, I started rubbing her under the chin, then on the head, and then on the back, and after a minute or so of rubbing the kitten's fur. I picked it up. As I did I could see it clearly now, as the light started shining from the side, it looked really cute and delicat- wait a minute where did the light come from?

As I thought this I hurriedly looked to the road, and what I saw was just 2 lights heading towards me.

"Fuck" was the only thing I could say as I faced the other way and grabbed the cat in a protective embrace and then.


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