1 The Plan

A girl with a raccoon tail and ears was sitting under the stair well. But! This was not just any raccoon. No! This was Bex. The one and only. Yes she is in the mid of a war between the Union and the Rebellion. But Bex was also one of the last Shadow Knights, but she's the only raccoon who is powerless. "BEX!" A strong voice calls. "COMING!" She replies. As she runs to the Plan room she meets her friend and the Head of the whole operation Chowie . "Your late...again." She tells Bex.

"Sorry I got wrapped up in this book am soo close to finding out what it means and..." Chowie cuts her off. " Its... okay." Then a voice comes from the back of the room. "Chowie this is the third time she been late." "Sorry Chief." Bex replies. "Okay everyone. Do we remember the plan."

The end of chapter 1

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