1 Reason #1: I Will Die

".... Ugh, Why do I have this terrible headache?"

I woke up with a heavy head and noticed that my throat felt dry while my body was wet from sweating.

Then with my bulging migraine, I tried to recall, "What happened?"

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My heavy eyelids felt as if I've just woken up from a long deep slumber. Then as I force myself to rise from bed, my vision was blurry, and the darkroom did not make it easy for me to check my surroundings.

But when I heard the heavy raindrops hitting the glass window, I just casually yawn and thought that.

."I guess it's already night time. I must've accidentally overslept. I'm usually extra sleepy when there is a storm outside."

while I assume that nothing was wrong, the moment my vision became clearer, I notice that the room I am in seems a little unfamiliar.

"Where am I?"

I was puzzled as the strange settings made me feel slightly confused, so I tried to recall the last memory I had.

I remembered reading that dumb romance novel, but I skipped most parts of it because I felt that the plot was

"oh, so predictable~."

Then the last thing I remembered was feeling sleepy, and that's the end of it.

"Yes, that's right," she said as she pounded her fist on her hand.

"I should be in my apartment, asleep in my bed. But this doesn't look like my apartment at all."

<Is this a dream?> I thought to myself.

Then I pushed away from the heavy covers on top of me and stepped out of bed to investigate.

The moment I tried, my legs were so weak that every step I took wobbled just like jelly.

"~Ugh, I feel sick. Did I even eat dinner?"

Though I tried my best to remember, I just couldn't recall, and all the more, I was convinced that this must be a dream because, in dreams, you usually can't recall a single thing.

The room was lightly dimmed, but as my eyes slowly adjusted, I could finally see my surroundings.

Then as I passed by a mirror, I saw a small girl in front of it.

"Huh? What?"

I stared at it closely and tilted my head.

Then I jumped and made faces, and no matter what, I felt,

"There is something strangely odd about this."

"Is this me?" I ponder, so I touched and smudged the mirror many times, but the reflection in front of me didn't change at all.

"Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks."

So I rub my eyes and look at it again and again, but still, nothing changes.

So I folded my arms and looked at the girl in front, then I pondered,

"Who exactly is this?"

The reflection showed a small girl with long brown curly hair, big brown eyes, and plump white skin.

"Wow, she's cute. She looks just like a cute teddy bear. The type that's soft and nice to cuddle."

"Haha." I raised my arm over my head

"I knew it. This must be a dream. It's quite realistic, but still, it's just another dream."

While I nodded and felt self-convinced, I analyze how this dream came to be.

Then I came up with the conclusion that I've indulged in too many fantasy novels lately.

"Sigh, Evelyn Lee...this must is a sign."

I shook as I held my heavy forehead.

"You'll need to cut down the web novels. The fact that you're dreaming about this proves it.

I really need to rethink about my partial reclusive lifestyle just like what mom said."

Then I glance at the mirror again with my eyes wide open, and I was amazed by how real this whole scenario felt.

"Even though this is a dream," I said to myself.

"I guess I should be happy that a thirty-year-old, single, and plain-looking woman like me could turn so young, pretty, and adorable.

If this was real, I guess it would a dream come true! Hahahahaha!"

After laughing out loud like a wacky child, I started to yawn while my eyes began to shut down.

So I climb back into bed and gradually fell asleep again.

Just before I doze off, I grinned and said to myself

"Too bad that this is just a Drea.....m."


As the blinding sunlight shine over my face, I woke up feeling nauseous and heavy.

Before I could react to my unfamiliar surroundings, the next thing that shook me was the voice of someone shouting.

"Look! The young ms is waking up! Quickly call the master and madam! The young ms is waking up!"

"huh? Am I still dreaming?"

I blinked my eyes a few times. Though my vision was still blurry from just waking up, I felt that something was not right.

A young female dressed in a maid costume stood in front of me.

Then she suddenly began to cry while she held my hands tightly.

"Who are you?" I asked the strange cosplay gal.

But the moment I asked her that question, the lady looked as if she was shocked.

Then two people came rushing into the room and with a loud *BANG!* they both yelled,

"IVY! are you alright?!" the strange English woman in a gown asked as she clasped my hands tightly.

"IVY! This is Daddy. Can you speak? Are you feeling okay?"

A large muscular gentleman in a formal suit asked as he showed a face full of frowns.

The strange people and place made me confused,

<what's going on?> I thought so. I asked them

"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Then both of them were in shock as if they couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth.

Immediately, they became frantic and said

"Don't you recognize me? I'm your mother."

"Yes, and I'm your father. Do you recognize any of us?"

As I shook my head, they cried, and while the women held a handkerchief and said

"My poor child...."

The man, on the other hand, just shouts,

"Quickly, Edward! call the doctor!"

I paused, and I took a good look at my surroundings.

"Am I still dreaming?" I silently said, then I gave myself a hard pinch, and it felt

"Ouch.... it hurts, there is pain."

Then I began to panic and sweat

"If this is not a dream, then where the heck I am?!"


Moments later, the butler came in with the doctor and did a thorough examination.

"It seems that your daughter has a memory loss from the accident, but apart from that, everything else looks fine."

"Will she ever regain her memories?"

"It's hard to say, but she may recall her memories once she is back to her normal daily routine, and I suggest having constant communication with others could help jolt her memory as well. For now, she will need extra care. I will prescribe some medicine for her, but please be well assured that she is well, Duke Augustine."

"Let's discuss this matter outside. Nina, please attend to the young ms."

Then the large gentleman sat beside me and patted on my head then he gently smiled and said

"You get some rest first. We will come back later and visit you."

After that, the doctor exited the room with the English lady and the gentleman while the maid named-Nina stayed with me.

I stayed quiet during the whole check-up, and I thought I was still half asleep because nothing that I see made sense to me.

I may look calm on the outside, but on the inside, I'm ACTUALLY TOTALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!

I took in a deep breath and tried to stay calm, and then I tried to analyze the situation I am in.

Then I notice something familiar. The doctor called the gentleman ~Augustine~. Where have I heard that name before?

So I asked the maid,

"Nina, was that man's name Augustine?"

"Yes, young ms. and you are his daughter, Ms.Ivy Augustine."


I gave her a confused look when I heard her strange reply.

"You are the sole heir and only daughter to Duke Augustine, who is also one of the wealthiest and influential nobles in the empire. You had an accident. You hit your head a couple of days ago."

"Ivy Augustine? I'm Ivy Augustine? Wait, isn't that...."

Like any cliche beginnings that you've read a thousand times, and this is my story.

I have just reincarnated into the web novel I read and turn into its villainess. I'm the greedy and the rumored witch - Ms. Ivy Augustine.


A few days have passed since I woke up in this web novel world.

Even so, it was hard for me to believe that I've reincarnated into this shitty romance novel, "I love you, my prince."

Every day, I made sure to pinch myself, just to be sure that I'm still not dreaming.

....Ughhhhh, but seriously, why this novel?

The only reason I read this novel is because it's on my recommended list. Though it was named one of the top-ranking romance novels, I was sure that it was 100% overrated because I felt that the story's plot was just like any other novel. It's so boring and so predictable.

Before I change into this little girl, I was a businesswoman named Evelyn Lee, and I ran quite a successful business if I dare say so myself.

When I reached my 30s and was still single, I soon learn to face the fact that there is no such thing as love at first sight or handsome prince or fairy tales.

These things are not real and that being in a relationship is a lot more complicated and troublesome than you think.

And as I focus most of my time on my career, I gradually stop having childish dreams about finding true love.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help myself from reading romance web novels. Although I know they are not real, I enjoy entertaining myself with these fantasies.

But seriously, why!

Why do I have to become the villainess of this story?!

And I'll die by execution at the age of seventeen!

"Oh No! WHY!!!" I yelled to the heavens in the sky.

And what's worst is that I skip most parts of the novel.

I only read a couple of lines at the beginning, then the climax, and the end!

It's like I had an ultimate cheat sheet in my hands, and yet I threw it away just like that!

But I know for a fact that I will inevitably die with the prince cutting off my head at the age of seventeen.

"Okay, Ivy," I said to myself as I massaged my forehead.

"I understand that this is a crisis, but you've handled worse situations than this."

So I tried my best to recall the storyline and wrote it down on a piece of paper, and all that I could remember was

"The handsome protagonist, Prince Leon Lambert, idolized by all of the fair maidens across the land...

Although the handsome prince was loved by many, he only seeks out one true love...

Then he met beautiful Princess Sophia at the ball and fell in love. It was love at first sight...

But their love made the villainess Lady Augustine jealous, and so she tried to harm the fair princess so that she can be together with the prince...

The prince manages to catch the villainess in the act and sentence her to death...

Finally, the prince and princess live happily ever after. The End....."

Reason 1: why I don't want to marry a prince?

Answer: because I will die

( ̄◇ ̄;)

"Love at first sight!?" "Fair maidens falling for you because you are handsome?" Ugh! *vomit* So fake!"

Just rereading this, I knew the prince and me. We are definitely not compatible.

Our ideals are different, and we live in different worlds.

I'm a realist, while he is an idealist.

Unlike him, I don't believe in love at first sight or fairy tales like that.

Furthermore, if I fall in love with him, I will die.

Then I smug at the passage that I wrote then I said

"Ho—, it's great that the story turns out happily ever after for both of you, but how bout me?! Why the heck do you need me to play a role in this story? Even if I don't come in between you, you will still have your happily ever after!"

Then the thought struck me.

"Hm?" I raised a brow, "Wait a minute?!"

I suddenly realize that even if I don't play a part in the story, the prince and princess will still have a happy ending.

So it means that, just as long as I don't get in their way, I will be able to escape my death.

This will be easy then. Because there is no way, I would want to marry a prince, especially when it involves my death.

For the sake of my life, I would never make such a stupid mistake.

"Even though I don't know why I am in this story, I don't have to follow that sucky author's plot. All I need to do is to avoid the prince and live my own happily ever after, and that is to live a long and peaceful life as a wealthy heiress! What a wonderful idea, that is! Muahahahaha"

After many days of feeling dreadful in bed, I can finally smile happily while thinking about the bright future in years ahead.

After I laughed out loud, I smiled and let out a breath of relief, then slept peacefully in bed.

However, little that I know, these peaceful days did not go the way I expected.


After I've recovered, I was advised by the doctor to resume my daily routines in hopes that I could recall my memories.

Before I could get out of bed, Nina, my personal maid, help me catch up with the plot of the story.

I am Ms.Ivy Augustine, and I am currently seven years old.

I am also the heir and only child to Duke Augustines and Duchess Ardele.

"My Father, the Duke, has won many wars and earn his title as a war hero. His majesty also considered him his most trusted advisor, and he is also the leading commander of his majesty's army. On the other hand, the duchess was a commoner, formerly a daughter of a prosperous merchant. Even though the Duke's family was strictly against the idea of marrying a commoner, it didn't stop the Duke and the duchess from their happily ever after.

Their story was well known as the love story of the century.

When the war broke out before they are wed, the duchess waited and prayed for the Duke's safe return for six years. After Duke won many battles and came back as a war hero, nobody could go against him when he insisted on marrying the current duchess. The duke and duchess story was told to be one of purest love there is."

Hearing this story brings tears to my eyes. My current parents are a real example of what love suppose to be! Not like love at first sight! Yuck!

I'm currently seven years old and the only child from a wealthy family. On top of that, I have loving parents who care for me very much.

To be honest, if it wasn't because I know that I'll die at the age of seventeen, I actually have a wonderful life here in this story.

I could only assume because the previous Ivy was spoilt and greedy. She must've thought she could get anything she wants, and that includes the protagonist of the story.

So when she insisted on getting in the way of the prince's love affairs, it became her downfall.

"Hehe... but that's not going to happen to me. I will protect my peaceful, sweet life." Ivy chuckled as she covered her cheeky smile.

"What are you laughing about, my daughter?"

My mother held my hand as she walked with me to show me around the huge mansion we live in.

"Nothing, mother, I'm just delighted to be spending time with you like this. I love spending time with my mother!"

Duchess was touched by her daughter's sweet words and hug her tightly with great happiness.

"Aweee, you are the most adorable daughter in the whole land! And I love you so much!"

"Mother, I can't breathe, hahaha.....shall we make haste? I would like to watch where Father works!"

"Ah, yes, your father is currently at the training ground. I think he is training his apprentices."

My current father is amazing. He has apprentices that come and learn swordsmanship from the great swordsman himself. Not only is he kind to me, but he is also a great man as well, and it made me feel proud of having such an amazing father around.


Upon reaching the training grounds, I could hear the sounds of swords clashing.

Two-man were engaging in a sword battle.

One tall and another smaller in stature.

Mother said to watch from afar so that we could be safe from any flying iron and avoid disturbing them while they are in battle.

With one final swing, one party has fallen, and it was obvious who won the battle.

"I can see that you are improving, but you still got a long way before you could beat me. Haha haha"


I called out his name from a far distance.

Then my Father turns his head around, and the moment he saw us, he immediately dashes towards us with great speed! And quickly carried me flying above the air.

"Ivy! My sweet, sweet daughter, how I miss you!"

The duke said as he vigorously snuggled me.

"But, you just saw me this morning, father."

"But it feels like forever....."

Father hugged me as tight as how my mother did just now.

So the first thing I learn coming to this world is that my parents do not have any restraint when hugging their child.

"Father!" I yelled his name so that he could stop his tight hug

"I watched your sword fight. You were truly amazing!"

"Of course! Your father is a master swordsman! Hahaha. Come, let me introduce you to his royal highness."

"Huh? His Royal Highness?"

Then the small knight that wore a helmet covering his face, who had just crossed swords with my father earlier, came over to greet us.

After Father place me down gently, Mother greeted the small man.

"Greetings, your royal highness."

Then she tugged my sleeves and signaled me to follow her lead.

"Greetings, your royal highness."

Once I gave my greeting, I watched the boy took off his helmet.

And the moment he showed his face, I saw a beautiful boy with blonde hair like gold and deep blue eyes like the ocean.

It's as if he was an angel fallen from the sky, and I could fantasize seeing wings on his back and shout hallelujah.

"Greetings, duchess, and ms ivy, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Then as Father bends down and introduces us.

"Ivy, this is your Royal highness Crown prince Leon, and he is also your fiancé."

The moment I heard my father's words, I stunned like a stone with a smile.

Then inside of me, my inner voice yelled,



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