1 Prologue

In a courtyard within Soul Society, there is a man running at top speed. Those he runs by can hear him screaming.

" Where is he, Where is he, I need to find Aizen!?" A woman by his side dashes along with him following closely behind.

"Captain Shiba, Aizen has a Lab up ahead. Maybe we can locate him there! Yelled the woman. "Aizen should have no reason to harm Ryuji, so why hasn't he returned him yet?" Questioned the woman.

Captain Shiba eyes glowed with a determined look as he sensed for the reiatsu of Sosuke Aizen. As they traveled through the complex Captain Shiba wondered if Aizen could have returned to the 5th squad barracks.

"Rangiku head to the 5th squad barracks and see if Aizen is there. If not ask Shinji if he knows where his Lieutenant is." Ordered the Captain as he stop in place.

"Very well Isshin hopefully we can find him soon, the main Shiba clan are beginning to worry about Young Master Ryuji." Rangiku said as she turned and shunpo'd to the west.

" I hope Aizen hasn't done anything to harm Ryuji; this experiment should have only given him a increase in his reiatsu reserves." Isshin said as he continued to run through the complex.

Eventually, Isshin comes across an eerie building that fluctuates with reiryoku. Isshin walks to the door and uses his reiatsu to scan the building for anyone inside. He doesn't sense any life within the building, so he enters slowly with his Asauchi raised. Inside he finds papers scattered all of the place; and weird markings on the walls. These markings depict the fusion of a hollow and a Soul Reaper.

Isshin picks up a stack of paper on a nearby desk and begins to read. He finds notes on the failure of a recent test subject; the subject showed signs of rejection to the fusion of a hollow. The subject was then marked as failed and is to be later disposed of within the Dangai.

"If what these papers say is true, Aizen used Ryuji as a test subject for his research; however, the test failed and he should now be on his way to get rid of the evidence. This is why he hasn't contacted the Shiba clan about his experiments, I must reach Ryuji before its too late!" Exclaimed Isshin as he quickly Shunpo'd out of the building.

As he moved at lightning speeds through soul society to reach the Dangai portal, he used a seal to send a message to Rangiku. He pushed his reiatsu into the seal; the seal begins to light up and form a connection.

"Captain?" Asked Rangiku in a confused voice.

"Matsumoto this is an emergency, Aizen used Ryuji in an experiment to fuse a hollow with a soul reaper. Unfortunately, it did not succeed and so he plans to get rid of Ryuji by tossing him into the dangai. I need you to go inform the Shiba main Family of the situation; I am on my way to save Ryuji." Isshin says through the seal as he deactivates it and pushes forward at a faster speed.

Near the Dangai portal, a man walks up to a guardsman carrying a body on his shoulder. "You will open the gate and forget that anyone came through." Exclaims Aizen to the guard. He shows his sword to the man, who without a word follows his command. As Aizen gets ready to walk through the portal he stops and looks back.

"It seems my actions have been spotted; however they were far too slow to notice what I have done. With this failure I have figured out the right adjustments needed to make the fusion work. With the actions I'm doing now my Captain will eventually get involved, maybe I can use him as the next part of my experiment." Says Aizen as he carries the body through the portal.

Aizen slowly walks forward and senses movement ahead; he smirks and tosses the unconscious body he is carrying to the ground.

"I'm sorry it has to end like this Ryuji however, you will become the stepping stone for my path of power." Smirked Aizen as he shunpo's away.

In the Dangai there lays the unconscious body of Ryuji; in his soul world he has been meditating, wondering when he would wake up to test the increase in reiatsu he was to be given.

" I hope mister Aizen finishes up soon with his experiment I want to finish up here and head to the Academy to Study up on Kido." Says Ryuji as he sits meditates with his Asauchi.

Outside Ryuji's body the ground begins to shake; farther away a black mass begins to take shape charging forward down the tunnel in Ryuji's direction.

At the portal, a man appears suddenly with a scowl on his face. He looks around looking for someone only to come up empty. He then begins to walk to the nearby Kido Corp member.

"Have you seen the lieutenant of Squad 5 coming through here recently." Asked Isshin.

"No sir, there have been no reported entries into the Dangai today sir." Replies the Kido Corp member.

Isshin looks at the man with an increasingly angry face, he begins to wonder how Aizen could get into the Dangai without anyone noticing.

"Open up the barrier I need to enter the Dangai to retrieve a lost Shinigami." Ordered Isshin.

"Sir we can't open the barrier at this time; the reiatsu is shaking in the dangai which is a sign of the kototsu sweeping through the Dangai sir. If we were to open the barrier and the kototsu enters soul society there will be major damage to our world sir." Explained the Kido Corp member

Inside the tunnel the kototsu is getting closer to Ryuji, shaking the ground as it gets closer. Near Ryuji great amounts of reiatsu is gathering, forming, and condensing near his area.

"I wonder why the reiatsu outside has gotten heavier outside, I wonder if this has to do with Aizens experiment. I need to wake up, but without any teaching or a zanpakuto to help me leave I might be trapped in here. Right now I can only infuse reiatsu into my Asauchi and hope I can begin to hear its name." Remarked Ryuji as he began to gather and infuse his reiatsu into his blade.

The reiatsu outside after condensing to a great point began to quake the nearby space. Space began to rip and energy danced around the area begin slowly pulled into the vacuum. As this miniature space storm began to grow it slowly pulled at everything nearby. Ryuji's body slowly slides to the space storm with increasing speed.

While his body is moving to the storm the kototsu is being pulled forward by the storm as well speeding up its decent upon Ryuji. As his body and the kototsu gets close to colliding, Ryuji's body begins to descend into the space storm and out of the Dangai. The Kototsu moving at increased speeds brushes pass the previous location of Ryuji, eventually sealing the open space caused by the gathering reiatsu. Ryuji's floating body is then pull through the space storm into a new world.

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