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What is Reaper Of The Wizarding World

Reaper Of The Wizarding World is a popular fanfic written by the author SykoNex, covering HARRYPOTTER, REINCARNATION, REAPER, MAGIC, DEMENTORS, SCHOOL, ROMANCE, OWL, LETHIFOLD, Book&Literature genres. It's viewed by 2.4M readers with an average rating of 4.42/5 and 119 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 100 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Dementors are personified depression, soul-devouring creatures with little intelligence. What would you do if you woke up in the body of one?


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Wasted potential. You had the cool dementor story going on but when he eats Sirius's soul he turns into a freaking toddler. He finds a secret room, becomes a 10 year old boy by constructing a body in 2 months and some how escapes the prison. Then you just had to make Sirius's soul influence the MC so much that now this 17yr toddler is going to protect the black family in his name because the MC feels bad for devouring him.... Gah such a disappointment in writing.


I loved it. The idea of reincarnating into a dementor is a new one for me. The MC is super cool as well. Here, take my power stones! Please don't drop it.


I'm going to give the first ACTUAL review. When making a review you don't do it because you like the novel but you want to give critique, saying that it's good or it's bad overall is unproductive. The writing quality and grammar is alright, the author can improve if he goes back and looks at other references to better convey the story. There has been some improvement in later chapters. Stability of updates is perfect but a bit shaky when the author tries to force chapters out because of the reader's demand. It's best to take the release of chapters step by step even if it takes you 50 years. Story development was interesting at first but the starting chapters of who the main character is doesn't correlate much with the later chapters, it's understandable since he got the mother figure and family that he's always wanted but a few years is a bit too short for change in my opinion. But it's fine since the story is still salvageable and it's also stable though I feel that some readers are getting pretty bored from the slug pace of the development. I've never watched or read Harry Potter so this is pretty much a blind road for me that I know a small bit of knowledge of. Character design is good but you can improve by trying to show more of what characters are feeling, I don't feel a connection with the characters since they feel like puppets with a small bit of emotions. World development is fucking Harry Potter, the author is sticking with that world's development besides the variable called the MC.


dementor is great idea. But i stop reading after the mc join gryffindor and on a mission to help/save non other than harry potter.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


trash just another canon rehash, also all those memories and his abilities forgotten and became stupid aside from that he became another side kick with no other used


I am not sure what to say about this story, not really bad, the author forgets a few facts at one time or another, but the line still goes well, my complaint is quite peculiar though. The author started the book with a mc having everything to follow the dark side, ****, being a dementor is a good part of it, but the protagonist incredibly does not retain hatred in the heart after reincarnating, not even a basic fear of protection against others. . okay, he "knew" that others probably wouldn't hurt him, but the human heart is unfathomable and the protagonist's heart looks like a clear mirror compared to that. Another thing is the ease with which the plot unfolds and certain convenient things, some characters even look extremely different, unless the author is using a text from the original book. Finally, to summarize, the idea is good, the application is bad.


Prologue - backstory of MC life before rebirth tries to induce pity But... Poor execution and over the top developments completely break suspension of belief


Waste of time don't read it. The idea is interesting that MC is reincarnated as dementor but then he turns into a human some extra soul powers. The MC behaves live toddler and joins the golden trio in a manner that don't make sense, cries like a baby and grammer is terrible. Please save your time and don't read this novel


I liked it until he started acting like a child. Good job on the chapters leading up to those. But I just find the childish stuff unneeded and poisonous to your story.


This is so good!!! It’s fresh and a pretty original concept. MC seems pretty op, but who knows how things will turn out with all the crazy wizards and dark lords not to mention other magical creatures roaming around.


Thought this was an amazing take on the Harry Potter universe. Don't know anyone who would've thought to use dementors as the main character and you've done it brilliantly so far. Well done and please continue


Very great story love the every other day recent updates the only reason it’s not a full 5 stars is because of the non consistent releases at the beginning anyway great plot was shocked at beginning but still a great novel


This book told a different story and a new spin on Harry Potter. An the life and meaning of love , care and decision for those u well pertacked at all costs .


Greatest game ever but I love it so I am so excited for this coming chapter bull**** before and past this point and a few new pieces I will be going back and forth


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I have only just started but i can already tell the stiry is a good one and eapecially a new type of story i have never heard or readanything about dementors and "there live" thogh its a human in the dementor.


I had the Idea after reading the history of Azkaban, since college is out for the summer I will be working on this as entertainment. I'll try to make sure the chapters are at least over 1k words. But if the point I want to get across in the chapter doesn't take that long I may delay a chapter and release 2 chapters together.


More more more more pleasssssss§ssssss§ssssssssss§


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