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Reaper of the Martial World


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What is Reaper of the Martial World

Reaper of the Martial World is a popular web novel written by the author Awespec, covering CULTIVATION, ROMANCE, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 16.3M readers with an average rating of 4.33/5 and 213 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1059 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"You're too arrogant." To Dyon, it seemed as though these words were heard all the time. However, how could these people possibly know of all his hard work? Of the fact that sleep was but a distant relative of his. How could they know that he never had a single moment to rest. And yet, despite their ignorance, they still said, "you're too arrogant..." But where were those people when a five-year-old Dyon's eyes shone looking at a computer screen filled with code? Where were those people when an eight-year-old Dyon played his piano and plucked his guitar strings until his fingers bled... needing to vent his feelings about his lost mother without bothering his fatigued father? Where were those people when Dyon sat alone at ten-years-old… when his parents were gone, and the only thing left was a room filled with inventions and computers? Dyon's arrogance wasn't borne of thin air. It was his hard work. It was his shield. And he wasn't willing to give it up... Now alone, he left his home behind. He was no longer the boy genius who changed the human mortal realm. He was now nothing but a commoner, a bug noble families saw fit to step on. An insignificant existence. And yet, Dyon was still the same unchanging person. Standing tall, his eyes firm and his will indomitable. This so-called Martial World would come to understand the meaning behind his existence... **Excerpt** --------------------------------- "You're quite bold for a girl who's almost been recluse for her whole life you know," Dyon said chuckling. "Little sister Delia and Meiying probably think so too, but you've been in my heart since the opening ceremony. Maybe not exactly in this way… But sometimes a foot in the door for a long time leads to a fully open one, no?" Dyon smiled, 'it seems like she's been watching from afar for a long time… it must be lonely being in that room with Libro all the time.' Dyon felt a delicate hand playing with his collar, "the truth is that I'm always playing the gentle big sister role, mostly because I have no idea how much longer I'll have the chance to…" The vulnerability in her voice made Dyon tremble. Madeleine was so strong, yet it seemed even martial artists had their weaknesses too. ------------------------------------------ RMW happens to be the very first novel I've ever written. I have to admit that the first volume requires a lot of work. However, from the second volume onward I am confident in saying that it becomes a ride just as enjoyable as some of the best wuxia novels available. If you happen to read that far, and disagree, feel free to join our discord and call me an idiot for wasting your time, LMAO. I hope you guys stick it out to the end


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I like the fact that there are multiple worlds... well 2 so far but there will be more as stated in the story, without the story really repeating itself in each world. Writing quality is good and there doesn't seem to be many errors. The doa got me confused at the start though .3. The stability of updates... considering this is an original novel the pace that the author is writing at is insane. I mean 3-4 chapters a day and the chapters themselves are long as well, not like some which release multiple chapters, but each of the chapters have only a few paragraphs. The story development is good and we get a good idea of the mc's personality through his actions. The worlds themselves are described pretty well, without chunks of text. The first arc was a lil short though, that's the only issue D:. Character design is good and as I said before we get a good understanding of the mc's personality and character. I especially love the women and those beautiful... scenes. World background is well displayed, except where the mc originated from but who knows maybe there's a huge secret in the human world =3. The only thing I'm confused about is why the martial world is worried about going to war with the human world,


I have read enough to think I warrant putting a review. First of the the update stability is top notch, most likely from having a large backpile of chapters or really fast writing speeds. The quality of the writing while there are a few spelling errors I've seen the amount of grammatical errors are small enough that no one would notice. The story development never feels rushed or out of place, you shouldn't go right to the next chapter, sit a little on the chapter think back to what you read and you'll pick up on things you might have missed that where hinted, everything feels to have some layer of planning The character design is good, some hiccups here and there but nothing detrimental, yes some might complain that there's little background about the mc other than little hints here and there but I feel that even learning about his background could be a whole arc in itself and leaves a layer of mystery which works The wold building in the novel while confusing at times if you're not used to the style of novel it's detailed enough to make you think hard about it in a good way. All up it's a novel I'd highly recommend to people, The chapters flow nicely with each other and you can get caught up in it to the point where you don't put it down till you've finished reading only to want to re read it to make sure there aren't things you missed.


Discord: https://discord.gg/3sUErnP Twitter: @Awespec https://***.patreon.com/Awespec Hey guys, I thought I'd finally write a review of myself. I gave Focus a 5/5 in everything but writing quality. It isn't that I make any major errors, but it seems like I can never re-read through a chapter I've uploaded without wanting to pull my hair out because I made a typo here, or spelt something wrong there. But! if you can forgive an author for constantly spelling dao, doa, I'm sure Focus will be something you enjoy for a long time to come! Aside from my mistakes, Focus has a lot of strengths. I believe the world and lore are all very interesting. There are countless clans and sects, and each has a unique history with each other that pushes the story forward. In terms of character development, Dyon is as straight forward as you can get, but it's clear he himself has some demons he's burying deep within himself. I also try to give every important character a unique backstory of note that explains their motivations and personality. For stability of uploads, that's something you never have to worry about :) I've been uploading at least 2 chapters a day for the better part of a month now, and the only times I uploaded a single chapter was back when I didn't split my 4000 word chapters in multiple parts. You'll have something to come back to enjoy everyday :) As for the story itself, the second volume will speak for itself. The first was an introductory arc, where we introduce the mc, who he is, his back story, and his first female companion. The second, however, truly delves into the lore of the Focus verse. We have mystery, backstabbing, and plenty of face slapping. I hope you'll all enjoy Focus as much as I enjoy writing it everyday! :)


Well this novel is incredible. Also the author addresses us in the author's not on chapter 100. Leave a review he says. Well I will. 1) the author constantly mixes up Dao and Doa. Doa isn't even a thing. 2) this may or may not be harem I don't know. The author is currently undecided. You can tell from his authors notes. 3) there is romance. 4) super mega genius boy for mc. 5) unique concept with some things like formations and alchemy drama. "Oh they split? Are you sure?" (It's a joke) 6) there flipping character development. 7) the author will mix up Dao and Doa some more. 8) the author makes multiple chapters a day. Most of the time. 9) I mean they have a reason to think he's nothing and ridicule him. He's only just arrived there in the world. (Not a spoiler.) Besides some of the characters are very realistic. Ish. For a cultivation novel. Also he discusses this and that at the end of every chapter. 10) seriously this Dao-Doa thing bothers me Ctrl f + replace we talked about this. 11) you can converse with the author. Sometimes. 12) sometimes you have to reread some paragraphs. 13) good worlds building. (Not a mistake. I said worlds.) 14) mysterious background. 15) I'm too lazy to continue.


A wish fulfillment tale with giant plot armor and equally big plot holes. And I've only read 10 chapters of if. Mc is a 13 years old boy that can break world records from sports, be a super genius that learn complex things in hours, have super musical talent, and basically do everything right, without any cultivation. Also acts like a pervert with every girl he finds while being an arrogant ass to anyone else. This is as far as I'll say about this bad novel to warn future readers. This is a second review, as at the first the Author got butthurt and started to refute with things that weren't convincing at all until, do personal attacks, until I was just bored to reply, so I'll just erase the rest, as he obviously doesn't want the critique and I don't wanna lose anymore time with this. The fanboy that started attacking me at the coments had a point though, I hated this novel so much that I ended taking the points from stability of updates, when there has been so many chapters of this already. So here you go, 5 points. And no, the writing is confusing, disconnected from important plot points and with messy descriptions. Grammar alone doesn't earn you 5 points. There will be people with pitchforks on the comments. Peace!


Trash. Utter and complete garbage. Please, before reading this, look at other reviews that are not mindlessly droning on about how good it is, and look farther down into the criticism. Many points will be made, and questions about the book will be answered. Read as many good reviews as you want, the book is barely readable.


As I have been searching around for novels to read as if late, I thought that this would be yet another martial arts novel, but as I continued to read it I realized that it was not. As I read I discovered that I got entrapped in the story and wanted to learn and grow with these characters in this peculiar adventure.


Was loving the story and the hilarious comments section, but sadly had to drop it here. For those who are looking to read this story make sure to head the warnings at the top of the chapters or else you will also see something you cannot unsee!


Its a story about the most contradictory character you will ever read. A story like your typical xianxia stories, it won't seem that way but once you reach a certain chapter you will want to punch your computer screens. Im so sick of all these contradictory mc's and the beyond heavy plot armor that surrounds them. I also don't mind shameless characters but i hate when they are shameless with every girl with a vag between their legs


The rape scene was a turnoff and the author said there's going to be more,well i'm out. No body's a fan of rape in the real world or fantasy


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LMFAO, I have no clue why I'm allowed to review a novel that only has two chapters out, but here goes anyways~ Right off the bat, the Writing Quality is superb (better English than 90% of the Original novels I've read. Its like High School Level English or University Level (I don't know the difference between them; help?)). 5 stars Story Development is pretty hard to gauge after only reading two chapters, but with only these two chapters, I've already added the novel to my library and am eagerly waiting for moar chapos to descend! Love the start so here's 5 stars! Stability of updates? He (Or she, I don't know the author's ***?) posted the first two chapters at the same time, so... 5 stars (lol) Character Design: Haven't seen too many Characters but those that have been introduced have a solid description of them, either through flat out descriptions — which I have to admit, are crisp AF (nicely done, good sir (or madam)) — or their through the dialogue, which isn't at all robotic or akin to droning. Boom! 5 stars~ World Background: Sh!t... the synopsis is all that I need to know that some crazy events are bound to unfold. It literally says "devastating inter-dimensional battles," so I for one, am down to stick around for long enough to witness these battles. Would give more stars, but 5 is the limit... And there's my review~ I might change it in the future as, it still remains a mystery to me how I'm allowed to do this with so little information. But for now at least, this is my opinion on the novel, so please don't change it...👌😂👌


Writing this after reading 200+ chapters of this... the premise is good, but the lack of detail in the character/plot development is slightly painful. The cultivation style coupled with ‘will/intent’ comprehension is relatively unique, however the description as to how Dyon develops his understanding of ‘will’ is superficial and doesn’t convey any sense of wonder/profoundness beyond the first few chapters. By expanding on how ‘will’ manifestations interact with reality, it would make Dyon’s choice to enter conflict with others have more impact - it feels like this is poorly explained so that the author free reign to let him Mary Sue his way out of pretty much any situation. The reason why Dyon doesn’t cultivate in the essence gathering system is only clear after the role of faith seeds/God constitutions in maturing meridians is explained (around chapter 190) - nothing would have been lost in explaining this earlier in the novel when he decides to focus on will comprehension and soul cultivation. Honestly the way characters are introduced and interact with eachother are disappointing. Dyon’s convictions are thrown out far too suddenly - there’s not need to declare that he’s going to protect the girls he loves/his friends from any threat before he actually develops a meaningful relationship with them or encounters a source of danger? He’s not had a #tragicbackstory or other discernable motivation explained enough to show why he gets so rapidly attached to complete strangers to the detriment of himself. The factions/pillars of the academy initially have the potential to be a sufficient source of intrigue/plot development, but the way in which they’re dismissed to being “branches” of much bigger clans that are in contention for control of their universe/others is poorly done - there’s no showing of the power disparity between branch/core factions and the way Dyon can act with relative impunity to both of these very early on in the story is ridiculous. I think this story could be vastly improved if there was more effort put into giving characters substance as opposed to making them race towards a grand stage where celestial beings are in conflict...


The title of the book should be *Sh!tter of the Martial World, half the time he is dying and Sh!tting because of posturing in front of strong and cunning people the other half he sh!ts lots of crap out of his mouth to show his arrogance and ignorance. MC's character doesn't make sense, it based on some mystery that mortal world I.e, earth is a taboo place and somehow the 13 year of computer genius is a best prodigy in the world who can hack and create software (load of cr@p unless he was born with previous life's knowledge) and also physically stronger the cultivators in the martial world. MC is retarded half the time when he is losing and then authors gives him plot armor and solutions to make him look not dumb.


Don't lose your time another weak MC trying to be hero and getting himself into troubles. Really why authors think that retarded MC are good or something? I just eamt a guy with a normal intelligence it's not necessary for him to be a genius please just not a retarded one


This is quite a good book. It is my first book I have read in webnovel and am impressed by the quality of the book. The character is especially interesting. It may not seem so, at first, but the main character is dynamic and recognizes his own flaws through the situations he is put in. The world itself is highly developed as well and follows a unique script. My only complaint is that since these chapters are first put on patron, the author could edit them for verbiage before putting them here. Overall though, this is a great piece of work.


How are you going to say no ntr and have one of the main chars claimed women anally rapes before she half destroys her soul looking dead and then raped again for good measure........ Not saying it wasn't needed for your vision of the story but it's ****ed that you liked about it not happening. Might as well have his wife candidate go ahead and marry that other dude for that matter.


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Finally a intelligent and shameless MC I've been waiting for :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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