16 Strange Fire

Oto sat in the pond with the water up to his bare chest as Hiro swam peacefully nearby, tinting the clear water blue as light reflected off his scales.

Hiroka was standing on a dry rock that Oto had summoned. Her clothes were stained with mud and had every fibre of her dress wear soaked through.

Hiroka grumbles a complaint, "You really didn't need to do all of that to let off steam..."

Oto frowns, "Okay, and? So what's done is done. I can't really do anything about what I did in the past."

The girl begins to wring her drenched clothing, holding back from yelling back at him.

=Jeez... I can't control him no matter how hard I try...= frowns and sighs sharply, =1) he overpowers me on many levels, 2) he has... sort of a short temper... 3) I still want to live my life to the fullest, even if Okura isn't here.=

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Oto starts twirling his finger in the water, creating small whirl pulls. He smiles when an idea comes into mind. He summons undetectable wind that begins to swirl around his finger.

He dips his index finger back into the water, making water rise up his finger as if it were shielding the finger.

Oto's eyes gleam with delight, "heating water with flame magic and using wind magic to make these whirlpools make this experience better by tenfold."

Hiroka walks over to the edge of the pool.

"Are you urinating in the water?" asks Hiroka, trying to sound as calm as possible, "the overflowing water that is flowing to where I am is unusually warm."

Shivers went through her whole body as he turns his head to face her with slanted pupils. But then, a warm smile forms on his face as his slanted pupils change back to their normal circular shape.

He grunts, "no, I'm heating the water with fire magic."

Hiroka's calm expression changes to confusion in a second, "water extinguishes fire, though. You need indirect contact with the two or a lot of flame for it not to go out."

Oto sighs and stands up, revealing distinct muscles.

Hiroka blushes. =This is the first time seeing him like this... Or well any male besides Father and Brother.=

As he steps out of the water. Purple and black flames swirl around his legs.

"The fire I've summoned doesn't seem to be going out, though," says Oto as he looks down at them.

Hiroka, astonished by the abnormal flame colour, "what the..."

She summons her own small flame, appearing orange with a white core.

Oto bends over to look at the small flame, "that doesn't look anything like mine besides the shape it takes."

He reaches over with his hand.

A few centimetres away from her flame, Hiroka shouts, "don't do that! You'll burn yourself."

Oto ignores the statement and balls his hand into a fist, making the flame disappear. Smoke seeped from the seems between his fingers.

"Hey, don't!" Hiroka pulls her hand back.

The boy pulls his hand back and opens his hand, revealing the same fire she had.

Hiroka looks closely at his hands and mutters, "he isn't burnt...

Demons do have good resistance to fire, but..."

She loses her train of thought as the fire begins to flicker. Purple taints the orange colour as black battles the white core.

The temperature around Oto's hand rises significantly compared to when he snatched the small fire from Hiroka.

Hiroka's eyes enlargen, "...Hellfire? No... Hellfire is blood red and is said to have a black contrast... I think this is something else... What is it?"

Oto closes his hand, extinguishing the ball of fire.

The area where they stood darkened as the purple flames around his legs grew brighter.

"I was born a day, or so ago, so I don't know," responds Oto with a shrug as if she was asking him.

Hiro trots over and stares cautiously at the unknown flames as he picks up on the conversation, 'I saw you use those flames earlier. I'm unsure of what they are as well.'

Extending his arm, Hiro summons his own flame around the same size as the flame Hiroka had summoned.

'One of the dragon races specializes in fire magic and should know more about flames. Although I am not a part of that race, my flame glows orange like a normal flame would, but there is more white in the flame, meaning that my flame has a larger hot point than a human's- to be put simply, is a stronger flame.'

Hiroka grunts and mumbles, "why do I have to be the inferior in the group..."

Oto crouches next to Hiro. He raises his hand next to Hiro's and ignites his own flame of similar size.

Hiro flinches as black flames lash out and disappear as the purple ball appears into existence.

"Mine looks more compact than yours," inquires Oto.

Hiro closes his eyes and opens them, 'Sir... Your flame is a perfect sphere...'

"Mm," grunts Oto.

Black and purple flames clash as they swirl in his palm, with small purple and black fire flares disconnecting from the main body.

Amused, Hiro asks, 'Master, can you make a focal point with the flame?'

Oto catches onto the thought, "a focal point? Okay."

He begins with a little bit of concentration, and the flame immediately narrows to the size of a pencil.

Vibrant dark purple dominated the flame's colour as black appeared ever so often.

'Incredible, Master.'

Hiroka bends over and stares at the pen-sized flame, "that's super cool."

She summons her own flame and concentrates hard on it, smoothing the fireball enough to call nothing. Hiroka slumps over and grumbles, "maybe the naturally talented greater than those who work hard... But, jeez, even after that 'power up' you gave me, I still can barely alter the form."

Hiro inspects the flame intensely.

Oto sighs, "this is getting boring..."


-15 Minutes Later-

15 minutes pass without anyone talking. The only sounds that one heard were bird chirps, whistling trees and grass, and the roar of the waterfalls.

Oto hung his head back as he still crouched with his hand out. Hiro was still looking at the flame and Oto's hand. Hiroka continued her attempts to compress the fire orb.

The boy sighs with a long exhale, "now I'm really bored..."

The flame's length shortens and moves to where he prepared a flick with his flick and thumb.

Hiro steps back, having an idea of what his master was about to do, with his doubts.

Oto opens his hand, releasing his index finger. His finger contacts the flame and launches it towards a tree several meters away at a stupefying speed.

The tree trunk sizzles as a small hole smokes, indicating where the flame had met.

Hiro looks back and forth at Oto and the tree as Hiroka continued her attempts, unaware of what had occurred.

'You can't physically hit flame... Master, you compressed it to the point where someone could hold fire as if it were a solid?! That's impossible!' Hiro shakes his head frantically with widened eyes.

"I guess it's possible," shrugs Oto.

Oto returns his stare to the tree. A small crater had formed on the surface of the tree. Within a second, the crater deepens and enlargens.

The sound of cracking wood reaches the group as the tree falls over with a whine, roaring as it falls to the ground. A loud thump echoes the crater as the tree reaches the ground.

'S-sir...' Hiro says faintly, nervously blown away.

Hiroka's head snaps in the direction she heard the thundering noise, "not again..."

Oto gazes at his hands. Truly amazed at what the small thing had caused.

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