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Reaper of Calamity

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Review from the author. I like this concept so far and hope it continues. The story moves at a slower pace but shows more detail which is what I like. The characters are likeable and relatable(for some), they all suffer from their own problems. The flow and writing skills get better as the story goes on. There is foreshadow and details that affect the future. The world so far is pretty utopian but that's maybe because it's mostly wilderness exploring so far, but the world-building is good so far. Notes. I am busy and have a bit of trouble writing so the chapter output isn't the best; you can expect 2-4 chapters best weekly. The chapters are 1000+ and don't go over 2000 words. Since my schedule isn't the best, I can't get contracted unless some miracle happened, so chapters will be free for a long time. That's it from me, have a good day and hope it goes well for you.


This book is good so far, I look forward to reading further as more chapters come out! The story is interesting so far, and the worldbuilding seems pretty good! Keep it up!


Within the first chapter I fell in love with the world you've created. I can tell your plot was well thought out and your attention to detail is nice. Can't wait to keep reading keep it up!


Author kun is a great author. War and Military isn't always a hit. but this adds in a spice others will find interesting. great job author kun!


Reveal spoiler


The author has good grammar, which's a plus, and the author made the characters interesting and good, I hope the author continues to improve the quality of their work.


OK, I have to say, you've created a very terrifying protagonist. Good job on that front. The system of races and threat levels is a little much at the beginning, but if you slowly introduce it throughout the chapters you'll be fine. Just have someone check your spelling and you're golden. Keep up the good work.


so excited to see where this goes! don't keep us waiting too long dear! I'm expecting great big things from you and this story. also hope to see more works from you and that creative mind of yours!