39 The Parvenu and the Crystal Sand

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Hearing Ye Xiao's latest bid, Mu Zihe - the old man from the Mu Clan, looked up at the balcony with indistinct rage.

Mu Zihe had planned to seize the Crystal Lotus for himself with this opportunity that was given to him. He had thought that he would definitely be successful in getting the Crystal Lotus, and he could use it for his grandson who was about to be born. However, when he had finally won against all the other competitors, Ye Xiao popped up and doubled the price.

"75 thousand taels of silver!" Mu Zihe took a deep breath and spoke loudly.

He understood that only the people from the martial sects and the royal families were able to sit in the balcony. He was sure that it was better to not play dirty in this case. But he really wanted the Crystal Lotus, so he bid with a much higher price even though it was already out of his budget.

"150 thousand!" Ye Xiao's voice was still peaceful and he just doubled it again.

- Wow… -

The crowd burst into discussion.

Everyone who had been waiting for the result turned their heads and looked towards Ye Xiao's balcony with astonishment.

They were already surprised as 50 thousand taels of silver was already an exaggerated price for the Crystal Lotus. However, now the price had even reached 150 thousand taels of silver; it was an extremely irrational price that they couldn't even comprehend.

Everyone was wondering who this lunatic parvenu was. Did he know the market price for the lotus, or was he just randomly raising the price?

It was a whopping price indeed.

Mu Zihe became enraged and asked loudly, "May I have your name, the master in the 17th balcony? The Crystal Lotus is one thing we, the Mu Clan, have come for. We will make every effort to get it. If you are not so keen for it, could you please give it up this time?"

He was combining both hard and soft tactics. He mentioned the Mu Clan so as to periphrastically show threats, while asking for a favor so as to give Ye Xiao a good reason to give up.

People nodded as they agreed with the old man's tactics.

Ye Xiao sneered and thought, [I might have given it up if you Mu Clan don't want it. Besides, what you know about the Crystal Lotus is just a tiny bit of its properties. You are just a bunch of fools with a very limited outlook!]

The Crystal Lotus was the main ingredient of the dan bead known as the 'limit-breaking dan' in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Apparently, the mortals knew nothing about this dan.

But of course, Ye Xiao knew! How could he give up such a great opportunity of getting the precious Crystal Lotus?

If the Crystal Lotus was developed into the Bloodshot Lotus, it would become much more potent! Now that Ye Xiao had a spiritual space where the Crystal Lotus could be planted, he would never let the Crystal Lotus slip away…

Ye Xiao replied peacefully, "Well, it is not that useful for me, but I just have to get it because I want to play with it."

Mu Zihe was extremely pissed.

He shouted, "175 THOUSAND taels of silver!" With this bid, he had reached his limit. If he allocated too much money for the Crystal Lotus, he would fail his clan by reducing their chances of obtaining a supreme dan bead.

Ye Xiao was still calm and spoke, "250 thousand!"

He looked calm and peaceful, but in fact, his insides were dancing with joy. He was doing exactly the same thing that Mu Chengbai had done to him when they first met.

"It actually feels so good to tease people with money!" It was the first time that Ye Xiao had bullied anyone in this manner. He usually settled matters using his fists.

It was a new experience for him to financially outmuscle the enemy so easily, and he was really enjoying this empowering feeling.

Mu Zihe couldn't bear it any longer, so he stood up and slapped the table as he shouted, "What exactly do you want?"

The crowd had sensed that something was wrong - that guy in the balcony was messing with the Mu Clan purpose! Of course he was. Otherwise, who would pay such huge amount of money for just a piece of Crystal Lotus?

Ye Xiao answered leisurely, "I don't want anything. I am just very wealthy - too wealthy…"

He sighed and continued, "I feel sick of all the wealth… I think I should just spend as much as I can… to alleviate my burdens…"

People who heard what he said all felt speechless and a bit disgusted.

What kind of excuse was that?

They could all feel that Ye Xiao was totally against the Mu Clan! He was fooling the old man willfully!

The girl in white frowned and glanced at the balcony, murmuring, "Master Feng? What is he doing? He is messing with the Mu Clan. Oh… Would he be related to the Ye Clan?"

Mu Zihe was quivering because of anger. He spoke, completely enraged, "Fine! You are a rich man. I am short for money at the moment. But I promise, we, the Mu Clan, will definitely do something to fix it after the auction!"

The threat in what he had just said was obvious; everybody understood it.

Ye Xiao sneered and said, "Fix it? Oh I am sooo scared… Ohhh, you really scared me. The Mu Clan, oh my god, is so fxxking powerful… Woohoo…"

Mu Zihe was burning with rage. He sat back down on his chair and was breathing heavily.

He hated Feng Zhiling from the bottom of his heart. He felt pissed as well as disgraced.

The next few rounds were some other tonics which were quite important for the noble clans and the royal families. The princes and lords were busy bidding. The items had all been sold as expected.

After that, a few powerful weapons and martial books were bought by the noble clans and the princes.

Ye Xiao had noticed that Su Yeyue had won a martial book named Feng-Hua Swordplay.

[The girl actually wants to practice swordplay? As I know, Feng-Hua Swordplay is a fine swordplay method book… I am not sure if it is exactly the book I had seen.]

Ye Xiao thought.

The atmosphere suddenly turned tense as the most valuable items were about to be auctioned next; the last few rounds were about to begin!

"The last seven items, which are also the best seven items, will arrive in a few seconds!" Guan Wanshan was pleased. The auction had finally reached the most awaited part.

The supreme dan bead was of course the last one to show up among the seven items.

However, it didn't mean that the other six items were valued any lesser than the supreme dan. They were just different in kind and could not be compared. In fact, the other six items were all delivered from the head office to be auctioned alongside the supreme dan. They had used everything they could to record the maximum possible turnover.

The martial sects were thrilled.

"The first is… the Sky Crystal Sand!" Guan Wanshan spoke loudly, "There are only 150 grams of the Sky Crystal Sand… but we all know of its wonderfulness! 15 grams of Sky Crystal in an ordinary weapon can turn the weapon into a legendary one! When the Sky Crystal Sand and the material of the weapon are mixed together, it shows a wonderful phenomena: when the weapon is used long enough, it can become a weapon with a spiritual attribute!"

Guan Wanshan smiled, "We all know that weapons with spiritual attributes have been very precious since ancient times! Now, the Sky Crystal Sand starts at the price of 50 thousand taels of silver! Each bid raises 5 thousand!"

When Guan Wanshan just finished his words, a loud voice already sounded, "A hundred thousand taels of silver!"

People were astonished.

The voice was exactly the same voice that competed against the old man from the Mu Clan. That's right, it was Ye Xiao bidding in the 17th balcony.

This time, he made the first bid.

The Sky Crystal Sand was truly valuable. Even though he doubled the price right at the first bid, he surely wouldn't get it right away!

As expected, on the other side, a man from the Long Clan made a bid after him, "105 thousand."

Ye Xiao was still calm and spoke peacefully with disdain, "250 thousand then!"

He didn't care about money at all.

He had ten supreme dan beads waiting to be sold. The money he was going to earn from them was totally enough for him to maybe acquire every other item today! For Ye Xiao, money truly had no meaning right now. All he cared about was… to get whatever he wanted in the auction!

The Sky Crystal Sand was one of the things he wanted badly!

The price was not important; he didn't care!

[Even if I don't have enough money to pay for all my winning bids, I could rob every rich man in the capital tonight.] Ye Xiao thought.

As a man who had been living in the Qing-Yun Realm, he clearly knew that mortal money was just completely useless garbage!

Ye Xiao had been planning to return to the Qing-Yun Realm since the first day he got to this world.

The man from the Long Clan gnashed his teeth, "275 thousand…"

He didn't even finish his words when he heard Feng Zhiling speaking peacefully in the 17th balcony, "500 thousand!"

He spoke out the number easily like he would throw away a piece of paper on which he had wiped his snot.

He was so freaking rich!

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