1 chapter 1, I am bored so I start a new life?

A long time ago there was a war the first war where all living or dead as long as they have some form of energy in them started a war for their own survival.

this was a major war where many died, it was a gruesome war for the lower realm and and some area of higher realm died,

many races were in the way of facing extinction.

but for the people that cause this war,

for power, wealth, believers, territory. that people that numerous called saint, that people that help other with no expectation of receiving any thing, show there true cooler in this war there ways were all lie the only want fame nothing and support and nothing else.

The higher being from higher realms, the don't care about any one except them self.

for many death is the end of no return but for them it is just a new experience, they don't die because of ageing, but became a liquid of energy where after some time they gain conciseness, new conciseness or the same old coniseness.

but there is a chance that they get eaten by other higher being or in rare cases,

they mixed with another higher being and create a new one or the strong one remains at the top.

This might cause the two power to merge and create or mix the two power into one or completely

different power or some kind of energy and create a new or retained the same conciseness but mixed that fight for control.

At that war,

because of the amount of death,

there was a very massive amount of unowned energy.

the amount of energy that was left unclaimed create a massive black hole that rotated around endless eating all the energy from all 12 realms,

it became massive very denied very pure energy.

this thing create chaos on all the realm, but it just like it came it disperse like nothing happened.

after it disappeared the 12 realm slowly but steadily start to stabalize.

many cycle have passed many generation has pass after the first war the second and many wars has happen in total seven war have happend.

many gods,higher being , many supreme being died, at first there was no consent of death for the higher being but after the first war for some reason if any people died there body that is made of energy will fade away in to the void.

because of this the fear of death occur. because of this many death related God and pinnacle of power the supreme being that's power is related to death or emptiness occurred.

many thing has change many new race has come many fall.

many rule or many fall in to the bottom of the food cycles.

many God have come and fall many kind of similar kind with the same name or the same face with the same face have come but the strongest still rule and weak get consumed.

the reason that cause the creation of death and decay over time the after waste that was left of the first war the ball that is made of energy of different kind of being.

has after many generation have gain conviesness but it was not a old or mixed but a new consciousness.

but because the amount and different kind of consciousness it has mixed with,

it has all the knowledge of all the consciousness it have mixed with but not the habit or the viewpoint of the consciousness.

and it's power level?

it is at the maxed only few can be strong enough to rivals him, the being that did not fight the first war and stay in hibernation are the only one strong enough to stop or hurt him but as long he does nothing to them they will do nothing to him.

but with all that the amount of knowledge of the full 12 realm and strength to win against all. But as a new being what should he do?

he know all about the 12 realm

there is not realm that is stronger then then the 12th realm.

strong power comes with a lot of boredom.

if the 12th is the strongest and 1th realm is the weakest then if there is no stronger realm then 12th what about 1th realm?

to go to the 1th realm I have to go to the bottom but in the bottom there is a lot of 1th realms this realm are like all other in inside a bubble or circle for me at least.

but what could be below the 1st realm if all the conciseness of all the 12 realm goes to me then how could have I not get and souls of if there was a realm below ther 1th realm?

will I have to stay bored forever? no this can't be happening I don't want to be a mindless ball of energy.

wait a minute what if there was a realm that is so weak that there soul does not come to me but end up created a isolated cycle where if not disturb can created a new different but weak realm?

I have to check my theory.

now, the soul of the 1th realm is kind of or barely strong to stray a soul after death and don't scattered away and get absorbed in to the world.

so if there is a weak realm that's power of any living being is so low that they can't stay a complete soul after death at all but get absorbet in to the world and create a cycle of endless death and reborn but the reborn is more like a soule made of different kind of living being.

then the there is a chance of creating a new but weak realm, if I found the realm then I will called it realm : zero.

so for my enjoyment I will have to find a new realm?


so, my theory was correct there is a realm : zero

let me check what this small realm is if I have not checked this seriously I will have missed it.

after checking this realm I have gain new knowledge about how to make and use the power of any material,

to it peak f to make life easy for them.

this realm living being is too weak but intelligence they know they are weak that's why they use the power of the number not singular person.

to make life of all easy they have ups and downs, wars and peach etc.

this world has teach and let me see the world in a new light.

but if my theory is correct then the amount of energy makes each of the realm:zero completely different.

but there is a problem the problem is me I am learning too fast if I do that I will have have a basic understanding of the realm : zero and easily, get bored if I see a new realm :zero because I have a general idea.

what should I do?

I am seeing the realm:zero as multiple perspective.

I thing I have to change my taste and go to the singular perspective.

wait, a minute what if I reincarnate as a child or a new born living being of the most basic dominant race in a new realm : zero I find?

that will help to give me new perspective of the like of this creatures.

but if I have all my knowledge it will too easy.

what if I reincarnate with out my knowledge but only my consciousness and behaves.

but there is a chance I will only be normal or too powerful then I will only have one side of a story.

so, what if I give or make a helper that will help me explore this new realm: zero that I have not found.

what if I made a system that will help me but will not make me too powerful only my limitations is my logic and creativity,

that will be done later but I have to find the realm:zero first.


finaly, I found it this realm:zero is different then the other realm : zero I have seen the different is there amount of energy is very high then the last realm:zero.

but the mostly because the amount of different energy is different but still perfectly fall in to a net of conservation of energy.

this is perfect now let's reincarnate.

to start a new life.

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