Realm of the Slaughterer Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Realm of the Slaughterer


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Qin, your average high schooler, went to bed late one night. When he woke up, he realized that he was in for some deep shit; really deep shit. In a new body. In a new world. With a new... system? ---------- Bad Guy #1: "Hey! Wake up!" ..... MC: "Stop! I'm not sexually oriented to the same sex!" *Ignored* ..... MC: "WOW! Look at that!" *Points at nothing in particular* Bad Guy #2: "Where? Where?" MC: "Sike!" *MC Disappears* ---------- Follow along as Qin rises up to challenge the heavens, defeating enemies, roasting people, and acting shamelessly (wait, no, he was born shameless). Armed with his [Legendary Decree], Qin dominates the world!- "If I see you once, I'll smack you!" "If I see you twice, I'll cripple you!" "If I see you thrice, I'll f*cking kill you!" ..... *Sorry for the interruption, but some exceptions will be made. The aforementioned rules shall be revised in favor of those that piss me off a lot the first time. They shall be... killed instantly. Of course, this decree is only for men. Women (only hot ones) with minor misdemeanors shall be subjugated and converted to the MC's cause. Thank you and have a nice day* ..... The Boys: "What the HELL? That is so unfair!" ----------