1 Chapter 1

'If it had happened once, I would have let it go a long time ago, if it had happened twice or thrice, I would have counted it as a coincidence, but if it keeps happening again and again, then how should I take this?'

A little girl with blonde hair and blue gems eyes rose from her bed, started taking fast steps with her soft white feet toward a big brown wooden door.

'This time, they have to listen to me.'

She slides the doorknob down and was about to run to her destination but stopped herself when found a young maid standing with a bucket of water in her hand.


"Huh, oh sorry Red!"

The little girl quickly walked past Red, and before Red could even utter a word, the little girl started running in the hallway and soon disappeared.

"W-wh-what, no, wait, miss!"

Red whispered in a low voice, "You are still in your nightgown," she sighed heavily, "How can you grow up to be a refined lady this way!"


"Daddy, daddy."

The little girl running with long steps, long as much as she can take. As she walked into a room through a half-opened door, maid and servant were leaning at both side of the room, a big wooden luxurious table and red leather wooden chairs have occupied the middle. A man in his mid-thirties with brown hair and green eyes was already sitting on the head chair.

The man looked at the little girl while holding his cup in his hand. The end of his lips moved upward as he examines the little girl who was slowly panting and standing near the door. She had her white nightgown and her hair was a mess. Even in such a state, no one can deny she is looking cute.

"Good morning."

"Huh ha a, yes, good morning daddy."

"Have your breakfast first."

The man signalled toward the first chair from his right. The little girl smiled and walked to sit on the chair. The moment she sat the two maids started to set her breakfast.

"And then, of course, you can go and change into fine clothes. Well, it happened the fifth time of this week."

"Ah, I-I am sorry."

The little girl utters the words in embarrassment as she realized that she is in her nightgown. The man giggled at her words.

"So, is there anything you want to talk about?"

"Ahh, oh yes. I want to tell-"

"Your Grace! I apologize but there is a letter addressing you and it seems urgent."

The little girl words were cut down because an old man with grey hair wearing a butler uniform walked in and gave a letter addressing to Count Salmouth. The butler apologised for interrupting to the litter girl while the man was checking the letter content.

The little girl chewed the bread of her plate, waiting for the man, who was addressed as Count Salmouth, to complete the work in his hand.

After what looks like the butler received the message or order, he bowed again and walked out. The count looked at the little girl with a tender smile, asked her to continue. The little girl smiled.

"Um, yeah, I was saying that I want to tell you..."

The count started drinking his tea again.

"I had another dream about that library and those books-"


The count firmly placed his teacup on the table and try to calm himself.

"Look they are just dreams-"

"But it is not the first time and this time I even remember that small library room and it feels very vivid and-"

"And nothing will change that it is just a dream. We don't have to talk about that every morning."

But how can the little girl let this topic slide when she was determined to talk about it because her dreams were becoming more vivid and feels more and more real day by day and not just that for a child, the answer to his/her curiosity matter more.

"But they again asked me to complete the story."

"Then you should have completed that story. Why didn't you do that?"

A refined lady playful voice echoed in the room. She had the same hair and eyes as the count. Her refined looks were describing her as around 15 or 16 years old.

'How am I supposed to complete the story when I don't even know which story they are talking about?' The little girl wanted to protest to the lady who was sitting in front of her. But she didn't and asked her a different question which was troubling her more.

"Edina! when did you came in?"

"Around the part when you apologise for not changing into some fine clothes. Well, isn't today the fifth day of this week and it is the fifth time of this week that you came down to have breakfast in your nightgown. It is very remarkable, isn't it?"

'Ugh, she just knows how to tease.' The little girl pouted at Edina calm yet playful reply.

"Okay, both of you eat your breakfast, and Edina It is not good to tease your little sister."

"Dad is right, Humph," The little girl said.

"Yes, dad!" Edina said in a calm tone.

'I am happy that dad take my side but he still did not believe me. Well, I guess it's fine. It's not like I thought that he will believe me so easily.' The little girl held her head down in disappointment. The grief-stricken little girl started to stare at the bread plate in front of her.

The moment her stare fall on the plate, something strange and magical started happening to the plate. It is as if a child had drawn a pair of eyes and a poker mouth on a plate with black crayons. It was just a normal white plate from other people's eyes, but not for the little girl who can see those eyes and mouth. A smile appeared on the little girl face.

"Why are you staring at me?" The plate asked in an annoying harsh voice. When the plate open it's mouth, the inside of the mouth was white as the plate was itself.

"Oh sorry. I didn't mean to." The little girl whispered. "Oh well can't you just please tell me, why you don't have a nose, even though you have a pair of black eyes and a mouth too?"

"Humph, Well I don't have ears like you, humans, but I still can hear your rubbish very well, don't I? By the way shouldn't you be telling me first, why you can see our expressions and talk to us, you are a human or not?"

"Well-l, I don't know why I can see you and talk to you. And I am a human." The little girl whispered.

"Why are you being so rude earlier in the morning?" Asked a cheerful female voice. The source of the voice was coming from the glass filled with water beside the plate. The glass had the same two pair of eyes and had a smiling mouth, the glass also looked like it is also drawn by a child using crayon. But the glass had thick eyelashes which made the glass look very feminine. The glass looked at the little girl and giggled. "Ohh, dear it's okay if you don't understand, but there is no particular reason for why we don't have a nose but a flat surface face."

"Ahh, I see." The little girl whispered.

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The glass giggled again. "But it will be very fun if the plates had a nose. It will be fun to see how human food will be stuck in their nose and humans will eat it. Oh, and when the plate will be washed, they sneeze over and over again because they might have a cold or feeling cold."

'The food will be stuck inside its nose, and we will eat that food.' The little girl face becomes pale as she imagines the scene. She desperately shook her face from left to right and right to left over and over again, to shake those thoughts out of her head.

"Is something wrong?" The count looked at the little girl, worried.

"Ahh, ohh mm, n-no, nothing." The count and Edina looked at the little girl in hope that there would be some explanation but the little girl didn't say anything else and kept an awkward smile on her face.

The count sighed heavily and changed the topic, "Okay, girls! I hope you both are ready to leave soon."

"Yes, dad," said Edina.

'Leaving? What is dad talking about? Are we going somewhere? Even if we are going then where? Will it be somewhere nearby? Is it a ball again? But I don't it is a ball, then what if we are going somewhere further? It would be within the capital. But what if we are going out of the capital, If that will happen then what will I do? I didn't arrange anything, and neither did I gave any instructions to any of my maids. But if we are going shouldn't I have been told about it, why didn't anyone told me? What if they had told me but I didn't listed. If that happens then... Ohh, noo, I am doomed again.' The little girl looked at both of them after the shower of questions stopped.

"Umm, so..."

"Don't tell me you forgot about this too, like you always forgot about things?" Edina asked.

'Forgot! Yeah, I guess, but what did I forget and when did I was told about that.' The little girl wasn't able to form any words as she wasn't able to remember any of her talk about going somewhere. But it was something normal for her to forget about it, a week ago, she had her all concentration on the sofa that she was sitting on and talking with, and she missed what the count and Edina were talking to the butler.

She kept quiet and had a troubled smile on her face. She still didn't remember about going-somewhere-talk.

"We are going to Salmouth. We didn't go there since your birth but I think it's necessary for both, you and Edina to see the land and know-how to negotiate with people of your land."

"So, are we leaving the capital?" The little girl asked as she can't able to believe.

"Yes, and we will be leaving soon."

The little girl smiled, but soon her smile back down.

"Umm, but my stuff is not packed, yet."

"Don't worry. I knew that something like this will happen and asked your maids to pack your stuff and other stuff we can buy there." Edina said.

"Really! Thank you, Edina."

"Well, come to think of it your maids had already packed most of your necessary stuff but you still didn't notice. How come that is even possible?"

The little girl gives another awkward smile, she was in amazed about how to answer her sister, and wasn't able to understand to what to say, she kept quiet and scratched the back of her head. At this sight, Edina sighed in hopelessness.

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