135 Dress Up

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Cheng Ling put on the dress and looked at herself in the mirror. The girl in the mirror had long hair and was fair. Although she didn't put on makeup, her face had a healthy red luster like a blush.

Cheng Ling thought for a moment, then opened the third drawer of the desk and took out a lipstick.

This lipstick was the birthday present Xie Ying gave her last year. Other than Cheng Ling applying it on her birthday, she had never applied it anymore.

Cheng Ling was worried that it was too deliberate, so she only applied a thin layer to make her lips a little red. The girl in the mirror looked even more beautiful and charming now.

At this moment, she remembered something important. She didn't have suitable shoes to match this dress.

She usually wore flats.

Just as she was distressed, someone knocked on the door again.

She opened the door and saw Xie Ying standing at the door. She was carrying another bag in her hands.


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