1 Marriage

There was a family by the name of "the Williamson's" they had a son that was much different from all of them and kept forcing him to do things that he didn't want to do so he met this girl named Mariah. Mariah was beautiful, charming, kind and very bold they were dating for nine months then he proposed and she didn't hesitated without saying yes and 2 months after they were married and they went to the mansion where they had there reception all the guest danced and had alot of fun after the reception was over they all went home except for the Williamson family and the bride, the Williamson family played a game of hide and seek which the bride will hide the bride ran off in the mansion to hide she found a small elevator and she went in there and hide while her husband was in the living room with the family. The family of them started to take out weapons to kill her but the husband didn't indulge in the situation because he loved her they took out arrows, machete, guns, knife and machete's while one of the family member her name was Gayle was putting her twins to sleep they handcuffed the husband and they all went to look for the bride and when Gayle finally put the twins to sleep she came out and the aunt fired at her and shot her in the head by mistake all of the family members ran towards Howard and started arguing and while the bride was in the elevator she came out because they were taking too long then she went in the living room and saw her husband with handcuffs on his hands then he told her that her family wants to kill her because if they do not kill her the family will die because of a curse his father had planted upon the family each time a son a daughter gets married disposal shall be killed or they will all die and he commanded her to leave the house immediately she run into her room saw her sneakers and she took her heels off and ripped her white wedding dress into pieces she run down into the tunnels and she heard talking and when she turned around she saw the family members trying to shoot at her and she said some traps under the tunnel and three of them were killed when she was still left alive

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