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Reading With You


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For some reason, when it’s my shift in the library, he was always there. Sometimes he borrowed books, sometimes he may have done some research. But soon, the library became his den when it comes to flirting… If I didn’t cough and interrupt, he might have even made out with a woman between the shelves. At that time, he noticed me. And soon, pestered me. Befriended me. Cared for me. Everything soon escalated that I couldn’t ignore him anymore. But nothing more than that happened. A Confession? Why would a Love Affair? None. We just parted ways without saying anything. Everything became a precious memory of our youths for us to reminisce. Until 10 years later… Our paths accidentally crossed. He was now successful, someone whom you could consider as a winner in life, but he never changed at all. I still observed him from afar. Yet, why was it that whenever he was in trouble, he always came to me, seeking my help? One silly and a helpless man had a bitter smile on his face as he thought, ‘Are there any more excuses that I could use?’ If You Want to be Notify for UPDATE! -->>>https://discord.gg/7Qkw8u5 If You Want to ask Something or to the Crew -->>>https://discord.gg/XRwP7JB If You Want to be My editor or Proofreader~ --> Ping me~ @Lady Black ^O^V


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