Read This Master Piece ---》
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Read This Master Piece ---》


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What is Read This Master Piece ---》

Read Read This Master Piece ---》 novel written by the author CanYouMakeIt_4lt on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved




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I’m so sorry about the people in my discord being insensitive to you who was not present. I understand how it would feel to receive comments like that about my writing that I decided to share online. Again, sorry. Keep up the good work and don’t let anything stop you!


As expected of a xianxia/wuxia setting. The irrationality of it all surprises me even to this day. The grammar is bad, you need to fix many typos. The previous life of the MC is funny if you don't think much of it, but it is actually ridiculous. Sound proofing your room? Seriously? If it's noisy just give him some headphones. Also, a stray bullet hitting him and dying from blood loss? Fuking hell! Just crawl your way out of your room and scream! Wtf is wrong with this MC! The dumbness is irritating. The arrogant young master appeared too quick. It's only the first chapter yet you're gonna bring out the fodders? No world building? No characterization? The fangirls are also annoying, like wtf? MC is strong just because he's handsome? Bitch pls. Same with the fanboys of the arrogant young masters, fking hell, they're one of the reasons why I hate xianxia/wuxia novels so much. Just showing that you're handsome is enough to gain badass points? I'm sorry but this is not badass enough to gain points. Defeating weak fodders are also not enough reason to gain badass points. Why? Because imagine, An ***** beating a dog or a **** for that matter, is that badass? No it is not. First chapter already shows that MC is already OP so instead of defeating weaklings, go defeat some real strong foes. Oh but wait, this story uses a xianxia/wuxia setting so this story doesn't have a real strong enemy, they only have weak fodders and only shows the strength of the MC by continuously annihilating weaklings. I'm sorry if I'm too harsh in my review but this is what I think of the story. You may be discouraged by this, but please, please try to improve so that no more harsh bastards like me will criticize your story.


₥Ø₥₥Ɏ ₳₥₳₮ɆⱤ₳₴Ʉ from discord is here to review your novel because of a punishment I received from the young master and creator of The Badass Itachi Uchiha in Fairy Tail. Jason was feeling bad about a rating of mine and a fellow bitc... kind soul on discord and how we were harsh. I disagreed but I can't disagree with the server god even if I was Mommy Amaterasu Possessing the Mother title. So I have two key improvements for you. 1. increase the chapter length, it's better to have it long so it can hit the deep spot 2. get an editor to fix the mistakes in your grammar, better watch out before the grammar nazis arrive As you can see, I'm a lazy ****, the only positive thing about me is my big pp energy even though everyone calls me mommy, mother or mom. It hurts my pride when they don't recognise the domineering aura of my pp. The Little gremli... beautiful children always want to sit on my lap and receive head pats, especially Jason, little guy loves it. Anyway, I think the rant has gone on enough. Just gonna hope the young master is happy with my review, I mean it's pretty long so I think he should be satisfied. Love from Mommy Amaterasu ✌


So this newly ascended angel here committed a mistake and mistook the greatness that is this novel for a trash one. Truly I had eyes but couldn't recognize mt. Everest. (cause tai's overrated). So either way it's a good novel and i hope you don't drop it or go on a haitus like a certain someone coughcough (DJason this is not about you look away). Either way read the novel it's good but you should definitely give a chapter a read for errors after writing it.


Have read it all and novel seems to be going in an interesting direction. The idea is good and hopefully you can make it great. Also I'd recommend going over a chapter to proofread.


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