1 Chapter 1 - Elementary Fuckery

Chapter 1

"Good morning class!"

"""Good morning sensei!"""

"Now for today we are going to begin earlier than normal so that everyone can get ready to …."

I tuned out the rest of the sounds coming from the class as I tried to keep attention to the teacher, but my boredom is really affecting that ability to coherently listen. I mean the good thing is that most of the things being to taught to me is somewhat new for the fact that I wasn't really Japanese in this new life of mine.

I mean what would you expect a reincarnator who have never traveled anywhere else other than having lived in a small city in North America for the most of my life. Reincarnating to this new life of mine was pretty much terrorizing. The first year was mostly me crying my ass of for the loss of my parents and siblings from my last life. I didn't even new I would miss them and being in the hands of strangers, whom happen to be this new life's parents made it even worse.

It took me at least 2 more years to get used to them and establish them as my parents. From then on was just building up connections with them. Going on, here I am in this Pre-School today. It was kind of hard to get used to the language as even though I am easily picking up all the symbols and signs in order to speak and right, it's still hard to make do with a conversation. Yet, I am still considered a genius.

Heh, idiots.

Then now that I think about it, there was this saying of being a genius at early age and normal as adults.

…. Right. (The sarcasm is strong in this one)

Suddenly I remembered someone calling me out.

"Otokoi-Kun? Can you here me? It's you turn to say."

About remind me and everyone to tell what their quirks are. It is quirk day ya know. Also the day where I was reminded of the fact that I transferred here to this world of Heroes and Villains. It was surprising to find that there were so few Hero schools in the nation from the amount of side characters and people in the Manga and anime.

As I stood up, everyone noticed a huge difference about me.

"Hello everyone. I want say that my quirk is called Moon Rabbit. See …"

Showing my huge white ears with its tips being light pink with my hands and a very fluffy white with a pink tipped short tail.

"But the thing is that I can Jump in the air two times! Like this .."

Jumping surprisingly high, I then proceeded to fell something from within me begin to flow to my legs and all the way to the balls of my foot. In which turn produced a small pink glow allowing to feel what was like a surface and proceeded to jump again.

In point, showing that Mario have nothing to do with my quirk as I couldn't hit the ceiling and pop off gold. No, I didn't hit my head. Shut up.

As I hit the ground, I looked up to see some kids giving me the look of awe, some looked displeased, and some just straight up looked smug.

What? Why the hell do they look so smug! I should be the one that looks smug. Those little shits better not say what I think they will!

Trying to convince my mind that they wouldn't. It was all still in vain as I remembered that no mater where, what species, or what age. Kids will always be the truest form of humanity and be the little assholes they are even if they don't really mean it.

"WOW, so your like Mario!" Fuck! Someone just had to fucking say it!

"Wait, but if you're like an animal. Wouldn't it be better if your Yoshi?" Some random kid I don't know of said that.

"Hey, can I ride you?" Said a girl.

There is so much wrong in just that sentence that I am not going to even touch that with a 10-foot pole. Nor speak to her with that matter now that I see the hungry look of her eyes as she is staring at my ears.

"Now now kids. As much as we want to pet his ears and talk about how he did that. Let's move on with the other ones who haven't gone up." Said the teacher with eyes of pure black.

As I went to sit down, next to my seat. A girl with blond hair stood up and went up.

"Hello everyone! My name's Utsushimi Camie .."

I ignored everything after that as I just smacked my head to the table from my hands as I just heard one of the character's in the manga appear right before my eyes. Now that I look at her.

Shit. It's the same girl giving my rabbit features bedroom eyes.

And I noticed that when she used the quirk, some sort of smoke came out of her mouth and transformed into …. Pedo Bear?

Pedo Bear? Wait ... why is he coming this way …




I started to run away from the class with the thing chasing me behind. I mean what kind of guy would even want a surprise butt sex!

The day ended with both of us suspended for the week after being chased from a world renown Predatory wanting to stuff me. Going out of school with a face like he has seen a war and the girl next to me with a pouting face. NO! Fuck You! You don't deserve to pout!

"I'm sorry." Said a quiet voice next to me.

"Only if you never ever bring up that ... Pedo Bear ever again then I'm fine."

I turned to only see her face look at me with one of shock and happiness.

"WOW! I didn't think there would be someone who new about the meme's of the 21st century!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm leaving now." My face sullen for the fact that my parents will have to ground me from trying to go to the library or use my computer.


"No you don't."

I turned to look at her only to scream as that face she was giving me was not bedroom eyes but a more rapey version of it which a child our age should not have.

The rest of the day went. And the rest of my dignity went with it too.

And that is how meet my childhood friend Camie Utsushimi. Or as I like to call her, Memie the Utsu-ShitLord.