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Reach The Moon Koi Koi


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Being reborn into My Hero Academia has its ups and downs. First off, being the cousin to the future #5 Hero lets me know where I am currently in canon. Second, I have a weird second ability to my quirk other than being a rabbit, and due to the fact that this second ability instinctive knowledge lets me know that in the future ... I'm going to be at least fucking taller than Mineta. The interesting fact is that my dad happens to be the one who bared the name Usagiyama. My mother on the other hand is the one who birthed me and gave me an extra feature which gave aura. Yes I know the one from RWBY. Adding the fact that it even has the option to unlock semblance. So I, Otokoi Usagiyama have a dumbass dream. A dream to reach the moon. To revitalize humanity of the impossibilities made possible. I who was born beneath the moon shall pursue my birthright. I shall reach the impossibility with my own hands. And hopefully try not to die in the process. To jump to the moon literally while saving people along the way. Only if Manami can stop crying every time I see she needs a hug and give her one. That girl is way too depressed for my liking. Gentle is a good boy. Rumi needs to get laid pronto. And Camie needs to stop with the memes. (Crossposted on Fanfiction and Questionable Questing)


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