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Year 2247, Earth goes through a lot of advancement in the field of technology and in this time interstellar travel was possible. In this time, a new type of scientist was formed who explore new planets and research about new things. These types of scientists known as explorers and between those explorer Jason Wilder who only becomes an explorer due to his dreams to see different parts of this mysterious universe. But One day on an exploration mission Jason wilder eventually died due to the betrayal of his colleague and when he thought that every thing come to an end life had given him another Chance. So, let's see his journey whether or not he will become someone great and power by overcoming his fear, pain and hardship to fulfill his dream. Author-This is my first time writing a Novel, so if some grammatical mistakes happen please bear with me and thank you for reading this Novel (Disclaimer - The art that is showing on the cover is not my and if the artist wants to take it down then just comment in the novel and i will immediately remove the cover)