1 Want Peace

The sparkling beautiful night, the fireworks that continue to explode with beautiful colors, the noisy sound of hundreds of people looking at each other at the sky, the disturbed birds and forced to cover their ears, and the gust of wind that blends with the smell of blood, a man sitting on the top pile of dozens of humans that he had defeated.



He slapped someone who was nearby after realizing something.

"I forgot to bring a lighter, so can you lend me one?"


Someone handed him a lighter, and he started to burn his cigarette and looked up at the sky.

"The years have changed, but my clothes always have bloodstains on them. When will this all end? When do I have free time like normal humans."

"That won't work."


He slapped that person again.

"Shut up! I'm not talking to you."


The man continued to stare at the fireworks exploding in the sky, thinking about the best future for him.

He was an undefeated fighter. He became a fight not because of his will, but from people who continue to seek his life. As long as he continues to be targeted by people, he will be a fighter. Even if he is invincible, he will still be a fighter. That is what he is that cannot be changed. The facts about him were irreversible.

"Every day, I'm sick of them targeting me. They came to me, then they lost. Isn't that free? I might be too strong, and they must have realized that, but they always went against me. Geez, I want to live in peace, no one is bothering me."

"That's not possible."

"Shut up!"


He wasn't tired, he just wanted his life to be peaceful like everyone else. Wherever he is, he wants to live in peace. He just wanted that, nothing else. However, fate always brought him back to fight—many people kept forcing him to fight, fight, and fight. He will never get his peaceful life, it's something impossible for him.

Since childhood he has always fought, is seen as a champion by people just because he has a sharp eye, and people take that as a challenge from him. People near, people far away, always came to see him for the fight—showing who controlled the area. And strangely enough, people didn't realize they had lost to him. They came back to ask him to fight again. That's why he didn't get his peaceful life. Even to this day, he continues to fight.

He has already suffered all the consequences of what he did. He dropped out of school, he became a casual worker (whatever he did as long as he earned money), he had no family, he even forgot what compassion is, everything is the result of what he has received, fighting.

He had lost everything, even forgot what love was like. He was fierce with his piercing eyes. He made his enemies nearly die every time he fought. However, he has only one hope, namely to want peace.

"Huff… Got it. I want to end this. If they weren't after me anymore, maybe I'd turn out to be a good human being. I've had too much of this sin. The thirst for blood, I have to stop it from now on if I want to change."

"You want to change? Ha… that's something funny."

"Shut up!"


Because he was already too irritated, his words were always reproached, he made the person faint.

"Well, you finally shut up."

He thought of all things for this new year's eve and hoped that he could find the meaning of peace in his life.

Various things had happened to him, and all that had happened was a commotion. His mind kept forcing him to remember those moments. He had a hard time removing it. He tries to remember the good moments, but they don't exist. He did not have any beautiful moments in his life, only the faces of humans who were battered as a result of him alone.

"It's difficult, even I don't have a good memory in my life. Even in my mind, I'm still in the same state, always fighting. It's true, once you've done that, you'll always be doing that."

After he said that, he heard the sound of police sirens coming towards him.

"That's the police. Looks like I have to finish today. No more of their gangs coming to their aid." He jumped from the pile of dozens of humans. "I will return your match! Thank You."

With his long jet-black hair fluttering, he walked towards his house.

"I am sleepy. Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day—no, isn't today already tomorrow? Then, may today be a sunny day. Happy new year."

Arriving at his house, then arriving at the bathroom, he cleaned his face, hands, and clothes that were so stained with blood. After cleaning it up, he rushed towards his room.

Picking up a beer from the fridge, grabbing some snacks, he climbed into his bed, looked out the window, and reflected again.

I already have a resolution, but so far it has not been granted. I just want my life to be peaceful, not getting involved in any fights, let alone until someone is after my life. I just want that.

That's what he thinks and hopes for in this new year. He just wanted that, nothing more or nothing less. As long as he could have a peaceful life, that would be the best for him.

"It's 2 am, I better sleep."



He woke up with the worst nightmare he had ever had. He dreamed he killed a lot of innocent people just his emotions. It was the worst nightmare he had ever had in his life.

"What is that dream? I hope I don't kill people."

His head was a little dizzy when he woke up from the dream, but he got over it and went to the bathroom.

After washing his whole body, he prepared breakfast. It was a mediocre breakfast that he could afford, toast with chocolate jam and hot black coffee.

"Enjoy your meal..."

His eyes turned to the entrance of his house when he wanted to eat the bread. He saw something lying there.

"What's this?"

He took it. It was a letter that had a black envelope, and it looked luxurious to him.

He had to open the letter because he thought it was for him from someone.

"Congratulations, you have received an invitation to attend Wlynina Academy. You get a scholarship to continue your schooling there. You want to live in peace, right? Come and study there! You will feel a peaceful and serene life there. So what are you waiting for, come to Wlynina Academy now!"

That's what was written in the letter he read.

"Is this a joke from my enemy?"

After he asked himself that, a black card fell.

"What else now?"

It was a black card engraved with the name of the school in gold. The card looks elegant, soft to the touch, and even darker when held away. Even so, the card still showed that the letter he was holding was not mere nonsense.

"If this turns out to be true, I will try school again. But, if this turns out to be a joke from my enemy, I will be angry and find the one who sent this."

Although not too sure, he still took the letter and rushed to prepare his clothes.

But before that, to be sure once again, he opened the door of his house and checked whether there was anyone or not.

He didn't find anyone there, but he found something lying in front of his house. It's a suitcase.

"I hope this isn't a bomb."

Without hesitation, he pulled the suitcase into his house and opened the contents of the suitcase.

He found the school uniform, a coat that had a dominant black color with red stripes.

"Uniform? It must be the uniform from that school."

It was the Wlynina Academy uniform. Although he couldn't be sure, because he never knew about the school, he still took the uniform and tried it on in the bathroom.

"It fits my size. Who did this?"

After taking off the uniform and putting it back in the suitcase, he took something out of his closet.

"I want to change, so I hope this way can fool anyone. Maybe I'll change my name when I want to go to school there."

He took the glasses, the name change letter he'd had for a long time, and a razor.

He changed his appearance, cut his long, never-cut hair, put on his late uncle's glasses, and looked in the bathroom mirror.

It was such a different appearance, that he rarely recognized the geeky man behind the mirror.

"Even if I look geeky, it doesn't matter. My goal is not to be a hero, I just want to live peacefully. So, this kind of appearance doesn't matter to me. I'm the new me, very, very, very geeky. I am now Raka Pradana, not Rama Pradana. I will seek a peaceful life for my life now—starting from attending Wlynina Academy."

He had managed to get the determination he had always wanted. He finally found a way to live in peace. He was finally free from the fight that had been weighing him down. His freedom is getting higher and higher, like an eagle flying so freely over the surface of the firmament.

However, he did not know that the school was not a school that forced him to live in peace. It was the school of hundreds of criminals, the place where the killer ruled. He will have a hard time there finding his true self for peace. Even so, he still has hope and confidence that he can start from there.

He managed to get his new life at the school, Wlynina Academy.

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