Reach for the Sky: Because You're Young Book

novel - Realistic Fiction

Reach for the Sky: Because You're Young


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Raka has a desire to live in peace. He was tired of his life of always fighting and fighting. Whatever he did, he was always involved with the fight. He was a young man who was always wanted by people to fight, which was why it was very difficult for him to find a peaceful life. He hopes in this new year, above the pile of humans, may he become a new self with his peaceful life. When he wakes up, he finds a letter containing an invitation to school at Wlynina Academy. He realized that this was the right time to change for the better by entering the school. However, it is not easy. The school was not good, but a school that became a place for the ruling elite. And to make matters worse, the school is now controlled by students who often commit murder. Can Raka find his new peaceful life? Or will he never get the peaceful life he wants?