4 Testing my powers

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POV:First person

{This is the guys, sorry for the confusion everyone}

'Hmmm. I see I see. I'm just too amazing. to almost kill someone as soon as I'm born. My quirk will be amazing once puberty comes around. Oh fuck. Puberty. The time of voice cracks and random boners. OF FUCK! RANDOM BONERS. I am so gonna pull a Ntr protagonist move and blackmail the first guy in middle who gets a boner from me. Gonna "Teach him the immensity of heaven and earth".' I thought, casually ignoring the hateful glares dad was sending me. It was pretty easy considering he was screaming, calling me a devil and trying to push past the nurse to attack me. But that small stuff, the real problem is the fact that Im hungry and they're going away.

'You are coming back right? Right? There's no way I'm gonna starve to death'

[Time skip five years]



'Hm, it's been five years. I just have to accept that this was not a daycare. Well, I guess it was called for… I DID almost kill my mom… Damn, I have to watch out for technoblade. I'm killing every pig I see.' I think when suddenly.

"What are you thinking so hard about Zeus?" Said my self proclaimed friend.

"Just stuff. And stop calling me Zeus." I say in response.

"I'm your Onee-san-" I visibly cringe at that word "By three years, I am allowed to call you whatever silly nickname my amazing brain comes up with."

"That's cool and all. But I don't even produce electricity. I'm a jellyfish, not a lightningfish."

"Well, I'm older, so I win." She says with finality.

"*Sigh* Fine, you win. But dont you have any girl friends, why would you wanna be friends with a boy anyways?" I say exasperated. Let a man be depressed in peace.

"You're not a boy, silly." She says with a giggle

'*Sigh*This is gonna be a long day. I thought going back to being a child would be great.'

[Hours later after the "Argument"]

'Ok, let's test the limits of my quirk. Now that I'm bigger, I might be able to use it on someone. I feel like there's more that I haven't uncovered. Like I know I have more potential instinctually. Maybe a perk from the goddess?'

"So let's write down everything I understand about my quirk.

{Auxiliary chapter with all of his powers}

Conscious Scaled Adaptation. Adaptation that is strong at first, only about as strong, or stronger than doomsdays' until his first birthday ends, and then it falls down in power, approximately 1/30 or so, couldn't exactly test it as a two year old.

Tentacle creation and manipulation. Don't know if it's my quirk or a boon from the goddess. I can also retract them.

Blood pressure and flow manipulation. I can't seem to affect other people yet. Hopefully with adolescence I will. Isn't that usually when quirks become stronger? Even though this isn't a quirk… But I did ask to be able to kill or make people faint with it, so surely it'll grow stronger.

Elastic Skin. Stretchy skin that's also durable, probably prevents most minor injuries. For example, simple scratches that randomly appear in the morning, I haven't seen those very often. Good sleep wrinkles, also haven't had those often. And I hardly cut myself when dealing with sharp objects, surely most of this has come from adaptation.

Clean. Definitely a trap perk, I remember seeing something like this in a novel on w*bn*vel. My asshole is also a nice pink, and dirt just slides off of my skin, hopefully my adaptation can affect these and make it better.

Bubble butt. Don't know if it's a trap perk or good genetics but I'm five and sexy!

Regeneration. Pretty good regeneration, heals a minor cut in tens of seconds. I should time it

Sweet Fluids. Dogs love me, my tears and sweat taste really good for some reason, which led me to taste them, and I must say that they taste incredible, like every single sweet thing is having an orgy in my mouth. I should test and see if any of my other fluids taste good.

Eidetic Memory. I can remember almost everything in my life in varying ways. Either as pictures, moments, emotions or words. I can even intentionally make myself forget something, although I usually accidentally remember it anyway because of my great memory. Maybe this will turn into some telepathy and memory alteration Xavier Charles style.

Perfect Balance. Name speaks for itself, it even works with my jellyfish tentacles, I could probably be a spiderman.

Sensual Smell. I smell really good, even though I use men(As a test) and kid washing stuff, I still somehow smell like that one pretty girl that walks by your desk in class.

Thicc Thighs. Don't know if it's just bad weight management or a trap perk.

Burst of luck. Random bursts of luck of varying from finding five dollars on the ground one day, to witnessing two adults having sex in the back AND finding twenty dollars in one of their pockets and not getting caught!

Quirk: Jellyfish

Type: Mutant, possibly a hybrid emitter.

-Electricity Resistance (Maybe)Absorption. I hardly got hurt by the outlet that I touched with wet hands, rather, it felt pretty good. I also feel like I absorbed it. I wonder where it went.

-Better organs. I have room to believe that somehow, my organs have improved, and it's been that way ever since I was first born. So perhaps it was my quirk. Or maybe my adaptation was in overdrive when I was first born.

-Cnidocyte and nematocyst production. Only on my forearms and hands, and regenerates faster than my wounds… Maybe I have a healing factor specifically for my cnidocytes and nematocysts. Or maybe it was just my adaptation.

-DNA protection. When body parts are separated from what is considered the main body for more than fifteen seconds, it will rapidly degrade into small particles that couldn't be considered anything more than atoms. Not even DNA is left. But, how does that work with my whole poison thing? Like, surely my poison contains my DNA since my body produces it. Maybe for my poison only traces of DNA are disintegrated…. No, maybe it only served to rid lost body parts of my DNA in the first place! Or just my adaptation.

-Water breathing. Somehow? I don't think jellyfish even breathe… I'll have to Google(Or mha's equivalent) it later.

Hmm, this is it, but it feels like there's more."

'So, with this being said, let's test everything out!' I think and make my way to a random room and slowly made myself transparent. {Because adaptation, call BS, I dare you}

I arrived Infront of my first victims. My self-proclaimed friend Jenny.



"Zeus" made his way over to the slumbering girl and released a few of his cnidocytes. Not enough to cause any harm, but enough to shut down her ability to wake herself.

'So, humans all produce a bit of bioelectricity right? Surely the goddess knew how much I love spider man, so I should be able to absorb bioelectricity… let's give it a go.' he contemplated before deciding to just do it.

He placed his head onto hers to avoid poisoning her even more. And tried to sense even a small amount of bioelectricity in her. It was hard work, but he eventually did it. So, like any sane man he absorbed it, completely disregarding any possible threats to her health. But he did have the mind to not absorb a lot of it, just enough to prove that he can do it. He then made his way over to her outlet, fork in hand {DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THIS EVER, ANYWHERE. ESPECIALLY NOT HOME.} And shanked it like it owed him money.

Electricity and sparks flew about, and courses through and around the fork like veins, before suddenly charging to the traps hand.

"Mnng." He accidentally groaned, at first in pain, which later turned into pleasure, had he reached adolescence he probably would've ejaculated.

He stayed like this for a solid minute before he felt something rising, strikingly similar to how it feels when you're about to cum, but of course, he isn't an idiot, and knows that he is currently unable to do that and quickly removed the fork from the outlet.

His breathing grew heavy, he was tempted to continue regardless of the possible "Mega venom blast" {If you know you know} but ultimately decided to quit. He then tested all of his other abilities and came to this conclusion.

'1: I can breathe water into my lungs for extended amounts of time, and potentially even live underwater.

2: I cannot be spiderman, not until I strengthen my tentacles, considering I don't weigh much, and even then they snapped like a twig.

3: I should refrain from telling anyone I can absorb or release electricity. Unless I feel I can pay for destroying our playground and causing a massive crater.

4:My blood is extremely poisonous, and part of it is released in my breath and my cnidocytes, and Jenny might die. I should refrain from poisoning anyone in any situation unless it's fine to kill them.

5: My ass and thighs are incredible!'

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