1 Re: Prologue

"Alright Truck-Kun, Ive got a mission for ya. See this guy?" Said lust


"*Honk*" He said in affirmation

"Take him out, casualties are fine." She said, taking an even more excited tone

"*Honk*" Said Truck-Kun while having flash flashbacks and shaking his head

"Fine fine, it's up to you."



Meanwhile with an ex-assassin

'Ahhh, I'm so glad I was so good a stealth, these thicc chicks didn't even notice me in the corner. I love Japan, the man who came up with public bathing is a god.' Thought a blond haired pervert 'I almost want to reveal myself to see their reaction.' He mulled, stomaching an evil chuckle.

All was going well, the girls were having fun, the pervert was still hidden, when all of a sudden





Everybody froze, I mean, who wouldn't when you watch a truck break through fucking rock{Or whatever the hell the walls of public baths are} Drive on water without sinking, somehow leaping over the heads of the busty japanese women with the grace unbefitting of a truck, and then killing someone that they hadn't even noticed in a corner.

And then they screamed hysterically and reported the day to reporters over and over, becoming famous for witnessing something so amazing, and then being shunned for saying said truck having the ability to drive over water. And the leaders of the world were incredibly happy to find that one of, if not the greatest assassin to ever be born died.

But that's irrelevant, considering the fact that what happened to the pervert was far more interesting...


You dont believe me? Alright then, I guess I won't tell you the story of the sexiest man I've ever seen.

Nah too late. You're the one who didn't believe me.

Alright, fine. Let's observe the story of the sexiest trap to ever exist.

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