2 Powers acquired!


'Mother fu-'



Truck Kun portaled his way back to Lust after completing his flawless job, but she wasn't as enthusiastic as him.

"But Truck-kun, there were five more people there free to reincarnate."

"*Honk. Honk Honk, Honnk Honk. Honk, Honk, Honk.*" he said stubbornly

"How would they possibly gain enough power to come back and rule over you in revenge for reincarnating them? You're the one that gave them the chance to reincarnate!" Said Lust

"*Honk. Honk.*" He said, on the verge of tears.

Intrigued, lust said "Oh yeah, how many times?"


"TWICE?! How come I've never heard of it?!"

"*Hoooonk, Honk Honk.*"

"...We don't talk about that Truck-Kun… How would you feel if I started talking about that time that you-" She tried to say, but (Confidential) cut her off

"What the hell is going on here?" He said

"...Reincar…nation?" Said lust

"Not that part, that's obvious. I want to know why you're talking to a truck, and how you understand it." He said to lust, while the aforementioned Truck already portaled away to his next employer.

"Uh, well. Uhm, we were talking about why he only kil- *Ahem* transported you here alone, instead of all of the other girls there."

"I see, I see." He replied

"Uh huh…"

"So… about my reincarnation."

"Yeah! Ok, so uh… There's kind of a problem…" She said, lowering her volume near the end of her sentence.

"Oh boy."

"No no no, it's nothing too serious. It's just, I was misinformed, and I thought you were going to be a girl…"

"Go on…" He said with an unreadable expression on his soul.

"So the stuff that was prepared for you is stuff like a bubble but… an hourglass figure… Alluring voice… you get my gist?" She said, her pitch slowly going higher and higher.

"I uh… yeah?"

"So uh, it would fuck some shit up if I were to… let's say, change your body again…"

"How so?" He said with a… frown?

"....Because… God stuff?" She said, seemingly questioning herself.

"Reeeeaaaaallly?" He said with suspicion

"...Uh, y-yeah?"

"Jeez you're terrible at lying, if you wanted me to he a trap just say so."

"..." She was speechless, she didn't expect him to call her out, not only that, but he seemed to be pretty happy to be a trap. "No, surely I'm mistaken."

"So… How sexy are we talking here?" He said with expectation clear in his voice

"..." She was speechless once again, her jaw was on the floor.

"I want a Thicc ass! Want them cheeks to clap when I jump. And a thin waist, and a face so cute that It would be impossible for someone to know my true gender!" He said, breathing heavily… somehow, even though souls don't need breath


"Come one come on, what are we waiting for? Send me through. Send me through." He said, jumping around excitedly.

"There's no way I can do that." Said lust with a odd tone to her voice.

"wat." he said with broken enthusiasm.

With a smile that stretched across from her face she said "Not before I give you some amazing powers! I promised I wouldn't do it, but such a depraved soul can't be left without compensation! 4 wishes go."

"Doomsdays adaptation but stronger. and it gets stronger every month, and I can control the direction my body adapts manually." He said immediately without a stutter, almost like he… rehearsed it…

"I can do something like that… But I'll have to dumb it down a bit…"

"And also Eidetic Memory." He said, not at all discouraged by the response of the goddess.

"But you already have that, perk of reincarnation."

Now he was excited, with inextinguishable enthusiasm, he said "Blood pressure and flow manipulation, so I can control my boners, and kill people, or make them faint."

"Gotcha." Said lust, typing away.

"Perfect Balance, I want to be able to balance myself in any kind of way on anything, and always land on my feet."

"That… Is a good damn wish, granted."

"Before I say my last wish, does my adaptation effect my powers? And will I be sexy, and also, will I get trap oriented powers to help me be a sexy trap?"

"Yes, yes and yes. I wouldn't do you that dirty." Said lust with a chuckle.

"Ok, then I want amazing luck, be it for practical situations, for sex opportunities, and for adaptation results, I want as much luck as you can give me." He says excited to be able to live the life of those fanfiction characters.

"...Uhhhh, *Sigh* Fine, I'll do it. I'll do you like the last trap I made and give you tentacle creation aswell. Have fun in BNHA."

"Wait wait wait!" He said urgently

"...What now?" She said with a deadpan.

"Do I get a quirk? Or is adaptation my quirk? Because I'd rather test my luck an-"

"I can't just tell you, that would ruin the fun, hahahaha good luck!" She said cutting him off and sending him through a portal


"So, those are the rules, no more than five powers, and they can't be stronger than his."

"What bs, we both now that his powers start off really weak. This is blatant rule bending. Beyond that, you ruined his peaceful life just to win a bet?" said ***** incredulously.

"Of course I would, I'm the strongest for a reason." Said Lust.

"Well, screw you, I was supposed to go first, so I should be allowed to abuse Space-time bending." said *****

"Sure sure, whatever you say." Lust

"You better hope Truck-Kun doesn't send mine to the same world, otherwise I can't say we will still qualify for the bet." said ***** with a cocky grin on his face.

"You wouldn't? It's just a bet!" Screamed lust in realization.

"Haha, I can and will, as you said earlier, three strongest must be strong for good reason, or should I say later?" Said *****.

As lust readied herself for a fight, ????? cut in and said "Both if you cut it out, just hurry up, I'm after lust."

"Shut up, you will probably take the longest!" replied *****




Edit: Conversation between beings that shall not be named.

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