Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)
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Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)


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What is Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem)

Re: Rabbit Eyes (A Yandere Harem) is a popular web novel written by the author sinpathy, covering YANDERE, HAREM, SMUT, SLAVE HAREM, SEVEN DEADLY SINS, DEPICTIONS OF CRUELTY, UNRELIABLE NARRATOR, SLOW GROWTH AT START, MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 242.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 5 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 31 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


White finally leaves his irreparable past behind when transported to another world. Using this second chance he decides to live his second life quietly, but things never go according to plan. With his precocious affinity with the opposite gender, White becomes entangled in the company of interested women around him. But he soon finds out that behind those innocent, smiling masks, are wild, perverse obsessions beyond his imagination, leading him to a never-ending waltz with these deadly girls. Will he survive, or will their love be the ones that do in the end? With the world of fantasy as the center stage, the game of fanatical love begins. Read on ScribbleHub for insert art: https://www.scribblehub.com/series/55083/re-rabbit-eyes-a-yandere-harem/ Updates: https://discord.gg/aXz8qyB


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I give 5 stars just for name yandere harem.....The plot of novel is good so far and author make art for this himself , you could look at it in scribblehub chapters or join author's discord...... Well that aside as the tag mentioned , the starting plot is a bit slow , first volume is just prologue and intro of characters and world building and no yandere qualities appeared as of chapter 30 but it looks like we are going to get one soon.....


Long story short, the MC is Beta. A ******** Beta... Like SERIOUSLY HARDCORE BETA, reading about the mc is like someone watching someone in a wheelchair try to run in the Olympics, it hurts to watch


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Quite brilliant writing by the author, the world, the characters all are really well constructed. The only single problem I would say this story has is, I guess overwriting? It's not necessarily a bad thing, it fleshes out the characters and the world a bit more but in my opinion too much information in a single paragraph or a chapter is not really my cup of tea as I tend to skip 1 or 2 paragraphs every now and then and if that single paragraph contains a really pivitol point of the story then it will just leave the reader(me) confused.


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