4 Karaoke, Fight & Main Quest

Sitting on the bench in the exercise park, I chugged down a bottle of water while looking at my phone. Specifically the time.

[5:27 PM]

...They wanted to meet at half six, right? I have time then.

Getting up off the bench, I chucked the plastic bottle in a nearby recycling bin - I'm a good guy, gotta save the environment and all that - and made my way home in at a decent paced jog. I'd spent some time before my workout bringing up my new boxing skills to D-Rank and I felt much more ready for any incoming fights.

After getting back, I got undressed out of my workout clothes and got showered before putting on some casual clothes. A pair of denim jeans, a plain white hoodie and some of the basic sneakers I was having to wear while I grew.

Then I went out into the outside world again. The karaoke place wasn't too far away but it was a decent walk, so I started out a bit earlier than I probably should've.

Wasn't anything exciting happening along the way and I made it there without any fights, quests or anything out of the ordinary. Kinda surprised, honestly. A delinquent-fighting webtoon world and a relaxing walk wasn't interrupted? Well, I just knew something was gonna happen at the karaoke now. Just call it a healthy hunch.

Entering the building, I walked through it and while there wasn't an attendant or receptionist, I shot Hajoon a message telling him I was here and he quickly replied with a room number. Man, the dude really isn't much of a texter, huh? Just replied with a number. Though, I do prefer that about the guy.

Doesn't mess around and gets straight to the point. Better than people who beat around the bush for no reason.

Walking through the hallway, I got to the room and pushed the door open to see about six people sat around a table. Said table was covered in drinks and most the people at the table were smoking - they don't have much security in this place, do they? Haven't even ID the obviously underage highschoolers for the alcohol they brought.

"Soohyun," Hajoon greeted with a slight smile before gesturing to a seat, "Sit down. Want anything to drink? I'm buying."

Looking to the drinks they had on the table, I thought about it before looking back to Hajoon, "What would you recommend? Don't exactly have a menu, do I?" I joked.

"Hm," Hajoon nodded before seeming to think for a few seconds and then he looked to a nearby guy, "Go get Soohyun and me some beer. I'll give you the money when you get back," he ordered despite his wording sounding more like a question. As expected of the dude who basically rules a school.

The guy nodded and I took a seat next to, surprise surprise, Baek Chaerin. She looked at me, her eyes narrowed and a slight frown to her lips, "Kim Soohyun. What are you doing here?"

I shrugged, "Hajoon invited me. What are you doing here?" I returned the question.

"I'm with my friends," she gestured to the two girls opposite us who'd been staring at me with interest ever since I'd entered. Seeing their interest, Chaerin gave a mocking look, "Don't get too dreamy-eyed over him. He's a genuine pervert."

One of the girls, one with shorter hair cut in a sort of bob-cut, gave a smirk before leaning against the table and toward me, "I wouldn't mind a good-looking guy like him perving on me," she gave me a sultry look and Chaerin cast a disgusted look to her while the other girl next to her burst out laughing.

"You're such a slut," the other girl jokingly mocked her before looking to me, "Stay away from this bitch," she gestured to the short-haired on before whispering in a loud way that told everyone she actually wanted them to hear, "If you sleep with her, your dick will drop off," she said conspiratorially.

"You bitch!" the short-haired girl gave her a slap on the shoulder, taking the joke surprisingly well. From my memories as Kim Soohyun, I knew these two were the popular chicks in the year above me and they were pretty well known for being petty and easy to anger. Probably only took it so well because it's just some ribbing between friends.

After this was over, I saw the guy who'd left for the beers coming back with two bottles. He handed one to me and the other to Hajoon before he denied the payment Hajoon tried to give him with a fawning, slightly weasel-like smile.

Twisting the cap off the top of the beer, I took a chug and had the first bit of beer I'd ever had in either life. It was an...unusual taste. Not terrible but not great either.

I still drank it and got halfway through the bottle before one of the guys held out the microphone to me, "Hey, new guy, sing us a song!" he gave a friendly smile and it took a second for me to remember he was one of the guys who came along with Changdong earlier today. Which meant he saw me pummel three guys without trouble and then fight Hajoon without getting absolutely destroyed. So, he was trying to get on my good side by acting friendly.

Can't blame him. If you use the ranking system used by the Gangbuk Highschools, I'm officially the number two in West Gangbuk because I'm the only guy who lasted any time against Hajoon.

For some random mob, I'm no doubt a higher existence he wants to latch onto.

"Sure," I answered and took the mic from him while simultaneously putting down my beer. Standing up, I flicked through the available songs before clicking on a simple, easy-to-sing song. I know I just got an ability based around singing but I don't wanna put in too much effort, you know?

The music began playing and soon after, the lyrics appeared and I started singing. Everyone else went quiet and I could tell why. I had the voice of a goddamn angel. Like, seriously, if everything else goes to shit I could become an idol. And you know what? When you're good at something, doing it is enjoyable. So I had a blast singing the song before it all came to an end and all I was left with was the silence of the others in the room.

The two girls from before were the first to make any noise as they began clapping and cheering, their faces flushed slightly as they looked me up and down like dehydrated women in the desert.

But despite knowing I was good, their enthusiastic clapping still made me feel a little flustered. Laughing to cover up the fact I was kinda embarrassed, I spoke up while waving a hand, "Come on, I wasn't that good, was I?" I tried to defuse the situation but the two other guys excluding Hajoon stood up and each wrapped their arms around my neck.

"Weren't that good? Dude, you need to try and listen to yourself when you sing! It was like an idol had graced us with their presence," one of them led with a laugh and some actual sincerity before his tone took on a more lecherous sound, "You should come out with us more often. The girls we could pull with your looks and singing, plus Hajoon...damn, we'll be drowning in beauties!" he cackled and the other guy joined him, the two of them looking at me like a goose who could lay golden eggs.

The girls were incensed by this and stood up, pushing the guys away from me, "Leave oppa alone, you bunch of idiots!" they said before standing in front of me like innocent maidens, the one with short-hair giving me some very obvious 'fuck me' eyes, "You were really good, oppa. You looked so handsome when you sang!" she gushed and I felt a brief amount of butterflies before I suppressed them and smiled wide.

"Well, I couldn't put on a bad show with such pretty girls watching, right?" I joked in a flirty manner and the two of them giggled.

It was my first time being the center of attention. Especially when that attention came from hot girls. But now wasn't the time to be a simp - shame, embarrassment, I've sworn off them! Take chances and ascend, Soohyun! Ascend beyond being an idiot virgin! Though it really does feel nice to be called oppa by two hot older girls.

A scoff came from the side from Chaerin who was obviously surprised by my singing prowess but trying to play it off all cool, "You weren't that bad but don't let it get to your head, Kim Soohyun. I'm just surprised you didn't sing some sort of anime track."

"And why would he sing that?" the girl with her hair tied up asked, turning to look challengingly at Chaerin who looked at me with a mischievous glint before smirking and replying.

"Because he used to be a massive nerd. Don't know how he suddenly changed so much but I guess puberty can make anyone go from an ugly duckling to a white swan, huh?" she mocked before taking a sip of her water. I didn't take offense to her words and instead actually felt a degree of respect for her - After all, she was different to your average girl. Or just different to your average teenager. She was feisty as hell despite knowing I was a good fighter and seemed to hold herself in high regard. It wasn't that bad. Kinda refreshing, actually.

I nodded to what she said before fishing my phone up and opening the gallery, "It's true, guys. I used to be a short, scrawny kid. Look," I clicked on a picture and turned it to show those who wanted to look, "I used to be shorter than my little sister," I admitted with faux shame.

"Oh my god," tied-up hair girl said while smiling, "Even like that you looked really cute," she turned and matched gazes with short-hair girl, "Kinda like a baby face, right? A short guy you can spoil."

...Ah, a shotacon has been found. FBI, get her.

While the two of them spoke about their fetish--ahem, about short guys and how they're cute, I turned to the guys and held up the mic, "You wanna do a song together? I can give you some tips so you can pick up girls with your singing even if I'm not there. God knows you need it with your ugly mugs," I bantered and the two of them laughed before picking up mics of their own.

They were delinquents. Definitely bullied people. Stole money and beat the shit out of people weaker than them. But all in all? They were actually pretty chill. Beneath all that bravado and posturing, they seemed like nice enough guys.

"Wanna join, Hajoon?" I asked the big guy sitting at the back end of the room, sipping at his beer, "I've gotta see how the big boss of West Gangbuk sings," I said, trying to involve the guy who invited me but he waved his hand in denial.

"I'm good. You guys can enjoy yourself," he said with a relaxed expression before smirking a little, "I don't wanna make people's ears bleed, Soohyun."

We all had a bit of a laugh at that and the three of us boys who were up had a pretty good time singing some tunes. They weren't half bad at singing, actually. A little bad on the high notes but they had good enough rhythm and more than made up for their drawbacks with the sheer amount of confidence they had when they sang.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

The door was kicked down and in came seven guys, led by a particularly burly guy with dyed blond hair.

"Goo Hajoon," he started before clicking his tongue and looking right passed me and toward Hajoon, "You've overstepped into East Gangbuk territory. Got any reason why?"

I saw Hajoon shrug from the corner of my eye, his expression back to neutral, "Felt like it."

That didn't seem to go by blondie very well. His eyes narrowed, he grit his teeth and forced an angry but warped smile across his average-looking face, "Man," he sighed, shaking his head with that ugly smile still there while he ran a hand through his slicked back hair, "You've got some fucking gall despite being the boss with the lowest amount of territory out of the entire Gangbuk area."

"Um, excuse me," I smiled and set myself between Hajoon and blondie's staring contest, "Who the fuck are you?"

It was really bugging me. I kinda remember him. He's from East Gangbuk High, obviously, but he's one of their ranked fighters - he appears in the original way later on than he is right now. The problem? I can't remember his name. And it's really bugging me.

"Who am I?" he asked in a sort of stunned shock before he stopped forcing the smile and instead frowned, "I'm Kang Doh-Hyuk, ranked thirteen among--!"

He was stopped by my fist slamming into his face.

"Ah, so that's who you were," I said to myself in a calm manner before slamming a second cross right into his face, following it up with two hooks from either side and then finishing it off with an uppercut that knocked him off his feet.

[A Quest is being generated.]

[Fight the East Gangbuk High mobs and win. Fight (1/8). Reward: Silver Card (x1)]

Without sparing any more words, I stepped toward the nearest of the lot following Doh-Hyuk and began wailing on him. He was crushed with a few jabs and a single cross, and then the nearest two were on me like fleas on a rats ass. I dodged the leading one's sloppy haymaker with a combination of weaving and footwork, the two C-Rank skills now being my natural state of being. I didn't even need to think about activating them anymore.

I got passed his attacks and blocked the second incomer's attacks with my defence skill before landing two body shots to the liver with my left hook and then finishing him off with a third hook to the jaw with my other hand.

Spinning on the balls of my feet, I smashed a overhand cross into the back of the head of the mob I'd got passed before. He hadn't even had a chance to turn around, my speed bolstered by footwork being that fast, and just like that he was out, face-first on the ground with his ass in the air like a drunk girl in a nightclub.

Shame on you, buddy. Have some dignity.

The two guys who'd came with Hajoon tried to get involved but I took out another two before they could even do anything and by the time one of them started fighting one of the last two, I'd grabbed the other one who'd tried to run away and slammed him into the wall, knocking him out.

[You have completed the Quest.]

[As per the rewards of the quest, you will receive: Silver Card (x1)]

[You have completed a hidden requirement {No Damage Received}. Reward: Silver Card (x2)]

I laughed a mirthless laugh and walked back over to the table where I'd left my beer. I didn't mind my footing and walked all over the downed mobs before grabbing the beer and chugging it down.

Then I looked to Hajoon, "Wanna finish another beer and then go? This place seems to be attracting some mobs," I smirked and his surprised expression broke for a slight smile and he nodded before giving a look to one of the guys who hurried off to get some more beer.

Sitting down, I relaxed against the admittedly comfy sofa and looked at my knuckles. Slightly red and covered in splatters of blood. Leaning forward, I picked up some napkins and looked around the table before spotting Chaerin's glass of water, "You mind if I use some of your water to wash off my knuckles? I hate having blood on me," I asked and she gave a slightly numb nod, "Thanks."

I picked up the glass and poured a little bit of the water on the napkins in my hand and a little more over my knuckles before I wiped away at them. The blood was still wet so it wasn't that hard a job.

While I did that, I opened up the silver cards and was surprised by what I got.

[Attack Card, Karate - Front Kick - You can now perform a front kick. Current skill rank: F 0/100]

[Attack Card, Karate - Side Kick - You can now perform a side kick. Current skill rank: F 0/100]

[Attack Card, Karate - Roundhouse Kick - You can now perform a roundhouse kick. Current skill rank: F 0/100]

I think I can see what the system is going for. It's a lot less random than the original and actually seems to be based around helping and improving me, it's user. Which is good. First, I completed the collection of Boxing skills and now I'm getting Karate skills. I'd say that after Karate, I'll probably get some sort of submission/grapple martial art. Interesting. Either way, I selected 'Yes' to using the cards and instantly felt the information on how to properly perform the three different kicks enter my mind while also developing the necessary muscle memory to perform them.

Done with that, I threw the bloodied napkins down on the table just in time for the second beer to appear. This time the guy undid the cap for me and handed it to me in an almost reverent way. I guess guys like this feel respect and awe for strong fighters, especially if they take down seven people on their own.

I thanked him for the beer and chugged most of it down, before taking my time to calm the girls down. Chaerin was pretty calm, despite the fight that had just happened, but short-hair and tied-hair were both dithering and a little pale. Probably a first time for them.

Which was weird if they hang out with Hajoon. I'd expect a lot of fights to be happening.

...Unless this night out was a test from him to me. I smiled at the thought. Sneaky bastard.

I matched gazes with Hajoon and his face didn't say much but both of us knew I'd figured it out. The reason he'd invited me out, the reason we were in East Gangbuk territory; he was testing me. Seeing if I was worth keeping around. Even if he's more brawn than brains, he's not stupid, eh?

Breaking the mini-staring match, I went back to sipping my beer and trying to calm the girls down. They seemed thankful and eventually decided to leave but not before they practically forced me to put their numbers in my contact list. Chaerin left with them and seemed intent on not speaking to me, even if she did take little glances in my direction every now and then - I wasn't sure whether they were gazes of apprehension or gazes of curiosity. I really didn't make a good impression, did I? Well, I've only got myself and the system to blame. Not that it matters all that much either way.

After that, the night ended after the last round of drinks and we all went our separate ways with a promise to do this again sometime soon.

I enjoy myself. Singing was fun and the fighting was easy. Even got a new card out of it.

When I got back, I showered, ate and then went to sleep. Ah, the joys of no responsibilities~

. . .

Here it is.

[A Main Quest is being generated.]

[You will earn a Platinum Card or higher if you complete a Main Quest.]

[Fight with the leader of West Gangbuk High, Goo Hajoon, and win (0/1). Days left: 3 days. Reward: Platinum Card (x1)]

"What are you doing?" Hajoon asked me when I was just staring at mid-air and I quickly dismissed the Quest after accepting it.

"Say, Hajoon," I started, catching the taller guy's attention, "Would you be mad if I challenged you to a fight?"

He levelled a stare at me that gave off no indication what he was thinking before he looked away, "Would you be mad if I beat the shit out of you in a fight?" he asked, not maliciously but instead genuinely curious.

"Not really," I gave a chuckle, "After all, if I challenged you to a fight, the result would be on me, right? Even if that meant getting my face mashed up by your crazy punches."

"Then no, I wouldn't be mad. I've been kinda wanting a proper fight since we first met yesterday, Soohyun. Everyone else at West Gangbuk are fucking weaklings," he gave a half-smile and then gave me a look up and down before, quirking an eyebrow at me, "...Are you going through a growth spurt or something? You're taller than yesterday."

Perceptive, isn't he?

"Yeah. Been growing like crazy lately," I gave a genuine sigh, "It's kinda annoying. Have to keep replacing clothes - especially shoes. Who knows, I might be taller than you soon enough?" I joked but knew I wasn't joking. I'd soon be the tall guy between the two of us and my power will then know no bounds--Anyway.

Hajoon gave a low chuckle and the two of us entered the school instead of just standing around. The morning classes went pretty quickly and when lunch rolled around, I heard a lot of...interesting things.

"Is that the number two of the school, Kim Soohyun...?"

"Shh! Don't say his name! Apparently he's a real mad dog. He beat Choi Changdong to a pulp just for appearing in his class and then beat up two other people because they came with him!"

"...Really? I heard he beat seven guys on his own yesterday. He was with Goo Hajoon but he Goo Hajoon didn't even need to get up. I can see why he's called a mad dog though..."

The rumour mill is back in action. Fucking teenagers, man.

"You've gotten...popular," Kuza got out in a stern manner as he slowly ate his meal. He stopped eating and looked to me in an overly serious manner, "Can you become my bodyguard?" I nearly fell over hearing him.

"Dude," I said in a deadpan tone, "Why would I need to be your bodyguard? No one in West Gangbuk is gonna mess with you now, no matter what. Everyone knows you're my friend, man," I simply said and continued eating. My appetite had become ravenous ever since I started working out, which was to be expected, but the lunch I could pack was naturally limited. They only made lunch boxes so big, you know? As such, after eating my packed lunch, I was now eating some more food in the canteen.

"I see," Kuza gave a nod, his aura undergoing a sudden change and overwhelming heaven and earth--ahem, he basically stopped hunching like he didn't want anyone to see him.

With that out of the way, I began thinking about a training regimen that could push me from C+ to B in my Strength and Speed. I had three days, which translates to an entire month after my skill enhancements to training, to do everything I had to. With B-Ranked Strength and Speed, plus my new karate skills, and I should be capable of crossing the difference in mine and Goo Hajoon's stats.

Especially if I catch him off guard with some kicks after luring him into some complacence, I should have a high chance in winning. Though even with that in mind, I shouldn't slack off. Need to practically kill myself with training for the next few days.

Ah, my muscles are already aching. Though I do feel actual excitement over getting stronger and fighting a strong guy - I guess the hidden battle maniac in all humans is coming to the surface, huh?

Looking across the table, I saw Goo Hajoon eating in silence while looking at his phone.

"Hajoon," I called out to him and he looked up at me with a spoon hanging out of his mouth. Seeing I had his attention, I gave him a grin and spoke loud enough for just about everyone around us to hear me, "Let's have a fight in three days. I'm itching for a good one and you said so yourself as well. So, how about it?"

And everything went quiet. You'd think I just said 'I have a bomb' and opened my blazer to show a bomb vest or something, not a casual offer for a fight between friends. Hajoon raised an eyebrow at me before giving a casual answer, "Sure. Don't hate me after it though."

Then he went back to eating.

"Right back at you, man. Right back at you," I said before going back to eating myself. With the date set, I knew I'd be able to focus on training and grinding up my skills. I had a feeling something would happen if I hit B-Rank in all my Boxing skills, so I knew outside of exercising I'd need to find some decently strong guys to fight over the night three days but then I realised what type of world I lived in now. It really wouldn't be so hard.

Mhm, man, these ribs are pretty nice. I'll have to start packing these in my normal lunch.

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