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A really great system story!! There isn’t really any romance yet author is taking his/her time, but the story is really funny! It is dark and sentimental at parts too and the world is cool! The valley and monsters and chasm thing makes me wonder what author is up to. Definitely a unique and fun story to read!! But more chapters pleaseeee once a week is not enough! 😖


Haha! I loved the style that you wrote with, it felt very nice to be reading something with the comedy bits that you inserted. I loved the growing relationship between Ria and the other characters; it felt very heartwarming. Although the information that you presented in the characters' stats were a bit overwhelming, it was still a nice story to read. Well done!


Part of a review swap, valid as of Chapter 11. This is my first five star review on WN, honestly I'm just going to give praise in this review than offer any suggestions. This story has me hooked and I'll keep on reading this. Writing Quality: (╥﹏╥) You're writing is so good, I need to learn more from you. 5/5 Story Development and Character Design: 5/5 ) For only eleven chapters, the pacing is good and there's no areas that confuse me. Everything is gradually explained leaving you anticipating for more. With the intro being so dark (a bit unexpected) I started to expect more angst. But with this intro, the rest of the story flows. The characters thoughts were portrayed and described well and us readers get a insight into why the lead changed so much. Most rebirth stories involve being born as another person, this is the first where the character is reborn as a tree. World Background: 🤔 The system is explained really well. I've never read a system novel before so I'm unsure what to comment on. But the author's fluent writing style helps to easily build a picture in the readers mind. Overall: 5/5 Going to keep this in my library, keep up the good work (Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday)


I'm not normally one for romance type stories, but I think this one strikes a good balance with the territory expansion and fantasy aspect of it. one of my top 5 on this site if only compared to romance, maybe higher depending on how it progresses from here. ... ...I also like the darker tones which are still 'somewhat' present later in the story, as I personally believe that the lighthearted aspects of stories always seem brighter when compared to darker ones.


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Wow, as in wow! It's my first time reading a system novel. Where a level up can increase your skill after you made successful task. Interesting and it blows my mind away. I love the way the Author describe or narrate how Rialyne life become chaotic and messy as it is, poor girl! I can relate well. Such a poor girl, made me want to adopt her. Turning into a tree is much better for her I think. Being a tree she can be unique and rule her own world! Hope vengeance wont corrupt her mind much in the future! Brilliant storytelling! I'm impressed! 5 star for you Author!


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Full marks for the amazing every that the author has put in. In the starting itself I was amazed with the level of detail you have gone in to show different levels, experience etc. Great work !!! The initial chapter was very touching. Bullying is always a sensitive subject and something that I have detested since forever. The pain of MC potrayed is quite touching. If you think this novel is like conventional one then you are wrong. Just hold on to couple of chapters and you will automatically be proved wrong. A great find indeed. Great job author for writing on such an unconventional topic.


My brain felt like it was in overdrive in the first few chapters tbh --but in a good way. I can see how much research it would have taken to write these so I really applaud the author. I didn't expect to like the story as much as I did but I would have to study the systems :)


The writing quality is very good and the spot on writing is really impressive. Though the foundation of the story is a sensitive topic, portraying it in a hilarious way is very interesting. As a system novel, it still has a room to grow and the details has to be polish. And since its a a romance fiction (sorry, not my taste really *bitter commentary*) we already have a guess on who's the MC partner. Anyways, gonna wait for more chapters though.


Great writing - very detailed and well-thought of. Not really fond of systems but somehow it was enjoyable and even intellectual with all the stats and how things work. haha. keep it up. looking forward to the next events.


Thumb's up! System + domination , sounds familiar. But the different to the others novel out there was her countenance. Why? Because she's a damn tree... (This make the novel unique) The MC has a cool, optomistic and smart mindset.. 😄😄 Her calm attitude seemed like she did not experience hardship in life.. haha Great plot.. keep it up..!👍


I can’t really give a super detailed review so far, but based on the first several chapters and the synopsis, the story is really interesting and is well written. I’m definitely going to keep it in my library to watch it progress.


Had a great time reading this. It gave an rpg vibe and i wonder how it'd go from here. i laughed at the vengeance points tbh. Bookmarking 😊


I like the sound of this. It'd be cool if you actually kept this story going. Living as a tree could be very interesting. Maybe she can turn into a dryad or something? Who knows, but I'm excited for this. 😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Good , really sad that the author stopped making novels tho .