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What is Re: Level 100 Farmer

Re: Level 100 Farmer is a popular web novel written by the author John_Doever, covering OP MC, REINCARNATION, ISEKAI, VIDEO GAME, ACTION, RE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 4.3M readers with an average rating of 4.76/5 and 471 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 256 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When Li's level 100 game character is transported to a fantasy world, he is unstoppable. But...all he wants to do is be a farmer? Watch as Li tries to maintain his peaceful daily life in a chaotic world full of magic and knights. ____ Updates: 1 a day FOREWARD/WARNING: The novel has a SLOW pace and due to updating once a day, it may feel even slower. However, I can at least guarantee that it will have very good readability and good grammar that is routinely proofread. The pace of the story will accelerate as enough chapters mount up to build things up. Also, another warning, but the novel does not focus entirely on farming and crafting. As a result, those looking for a novel that focuses solely on crafting aspects may find themselves disappointed. In any case, whether you have criticisms or enjoy the book, thanks for reading! Discord: https://discord.gg/8xUSxbH


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Author here with a shameless review. If you enjoy isekai, especially stories like Overlord that have game story elements, then you're in the right place! Just a warning, the story is rather slow and has a lot of details in it, but I hope you all still give it a chance! As always, I am always open to criticisms and suggestions and, of course, encouragement :D


Okay, I finally had the courage to review the Re: Level 100 Farmer. Grammar: I am Brazilian, so English is not my native language. To tell you the truth, my English is terrible. However, the grammar of the work is almost impeccable. The author generally makes minor edits to chapters, correcting errors that rarely occur here or there. Grammar alone increases the quality of the work much more than most originals here at WN and, if I'm not wrong, is also superior to that of many translators. 5/5 Update: the author performs 1 chapter a day, keeping the frequency stable. One point to note is that the word count per chapter is quite large, equivalent to 2 chapters from other works. 5/5 Character Development: The strongest point of the job, in fact. The protagonist's development, as he adapts more and more to the character of the game, is incredibly detailed and too good to follow. The development of the other characters is also great, with an emphasis on the old one. World Development: The work has few chapters (~ 40), so I can't judge much. However, in the last published chapters, a deposit of very interesting information was made about the world in which the MC is. I will give 4/5. I hope this is a point that will be developed gradually in the way that it is being done. What I can say is: the work is impeccable. The narrative and descriptive parts are extremely good, which contributes to the consequent immersion in the work. I really hope that the author does not get lost in the idea of ​​putting a harem in the work, as this will directly influence the quality, deteriorating it. A romance is great because it will spice things up like any job.


Very refreshing isekai. No world to save (yet, I feel it's going to happen eventually), no cooking for a change, no harem or kids to orbit the MC, just an overpowered dude who wants to do something simple he enjoys, with a bit of buttkicking every once in a while. This is probably the first time I give a novel a 5.0. Solid worldbuilding, solid plot, solid characters, solid writing. Keep it up!


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The author puts a lot of effort in detailing an MC and his experience in a game world isekai like Yggdrasil. Although it’s not as novelly grandiose, it is instead contrarily modest. The experience is casual and refreshing. Like the contest it was written for, it is about “secretly overpowered daily life.” Though, how long it will be a secret, time will tell. Writing quality 5/5 Leagues above the average novel here. Stability of Updating 5/5 The author said a chapter a day and his post history says he did, and maybe more. Story Development 5/5 The MC had a goal, jumped on it, and then protected it. There’s no aimless wandering or pointless baggage added. The world interacts based on some cause and effect principles. I don’t see gaping plot holes, just reluctance on the MC’s side to interfere too much so he can live peacefully farming. Character Design 5/5 The MC is not Edgelord McGee nor Mr. All-knowing. He’s fallible, shown by his need to adjust to how his game character adjusts to the new world. The other people also aren’t all cardboard cutouts. They have goals themselves and affect others. World Background 5/5 The setup designed a background for the MC to explain himself and a world for the game to integrate. You will get a layout of the environment in chapters. It’s better than “Place A of greatness and beauty” and “Place B of blandness and ugliness.”


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Very promising first chapters! The MC is interesting and feels like an actual person. The novel feels great to read. The focus of the novel has been of the MC's love for nature and farming so its great that he starts off ultra strong. He doesn't have to focus on getting stronger so the story doesn't get sidetracked by random cultivation chapters. Looking forward to more of this!


In depth analysis. I tried my best to limit spoilers, and no specific events are mentioned, but I’m not perfect. I felt a little bit of trepidation before beginning this read, as I though “Who would be interested in reading about an OP farmer?” Turns out I am! For a little background, I am currently at about chapter 70 of around 90, (curse this lack of fast passes!) so I’ll update this review later. Secondly, I feel that the synopsis does not do this novel justice. It is about an OP farmer, but it is not just about farming. Without further adieu, on with the review! Writing quality: 5 stars Truly, the author shines the most in this regard. Errors are rare, in fact, I can think of only one or two errors in all of the chapters I have read. The dialogue is well written, descriptions feel smooth, and the writing is thoughtful. I have no complaints here. Stability of Updating: 5 stars Not really much to say here, delivers as advertised. Story Development: 4 stars Now we get to where I have some issues. My first issue is with characters. One thing that becomes prevalent in OP MC scenarios is reactive characters. The story progresses based off of external stimuli. Something happens to threaten the MC, and he responds accordingly. In this story, this is done quite well, with the author providing justification for why this is, which is my favorite thing in a book. Justification is important, and I feel that it is executed well here. With that being said, I’d enjoy the tiniest bit more proactiveness. The next thing, and the thing that is my main issue is that information is given via a need-to-know basis. In reincarnated-through-games novels, I like to think of the video game as a parallel to the old-mentor-who-knows-everything trope. They both teach and give the MC everything they need to know, and the power to use it, respectively. The issue is that the reincarnation version doesn’t give us a power-up montage where we and the MC learn about everything, thus setting the stage for the future. Information about things in the game is given as a justification for power used before the information is shared. If you’re familiar with Brandon Sanderson’s hard/soft magic systems, you’ve realized that this is a pretty big issue. This style bypasses this completely, and you end up with no rules at all. Anything can be justified, because it is always justified after the fact. There is no baseline of power or rules. In my own opinion, this might be the biggest issue with this story. With that wall of text out of the way, on to the positive! If you haven’t already guessed, there is nothing I love more than justification. Other than the aforementioned issues, the story progresses logically and smoothly. I know I just spent a ton of time talking about negatives, only to do a short section on the postives, but these issues are quite minor, and the positives really do outweigh them. The story development is strong, and you will only notice this if you nitpick like I do. Next! Character Design: 4 stars Same issue as with story development. Occasionally, characters act a certain way that doesn’t make sense to me, only to have it justified later. This usually happens with the MC, but it is mostly inconsequential. It is just annoying enough to warrant dropping a star. Other than this, the characters are strong, following their own ideals and goals. They have distinct personalities, and the internal dilemmas that the characters face, mostly the MC are probably some of my favorite scenes in the novel. Also, no harem (thank you). World Background: 5 stars Yeah, not much to say. Well fleshed out and interesting. The world is interesting and unique, and I think the author did a stellar job. Conclusion: Read it. It’s a very good novel, and I have no regrets about it. Other than the need-to-know information, which I think I’ve harped on about for enough time, there are pretty few criticisms I have for this novel.


After working through the first 12 chapters I find this a very entertaining and well-written piece of work. The author does a great job fleshing out the setting and drawing you in and engaging his readers. Definitely one of the better novels around and well worth reading and looking forward to when the next chapter comes out.


Love it. Love seeing original authors make it big. Keep that same energy every chapter fam. Take my money please, take it. Give me the good stuff fam😁👌💵💴💰


Good book read all the chapters in one sitting... like that the mc isn’t just a let’s go kill the demon king guy. Hdhdhdyhwjsksjbdbeisygabsjskjebebduudbwbdjidudududehhrhrhdhdjfjufieieidhdhdjdiieueuehdjdjndndjd


I’ve only read a few chapters I. But I love it already. Great plot, characters and I love the idea of a powerful person just wanting to live a peaceful life. Great read so it’s a 5/5 from me.


I'll probably change my review accordingly since it's still in the early chapters and the author said his story would be kinda slow-paced. For character design.....while it's not entirely unique......it's still unique because I've never encountered a novel with a race that different from a human that's not a dragon or something human-like. The development of the story is absolutely great, fast paced novels usually tend to focus more on how mc gets strong and forget about the MC's actual personality. Though the mc is already established and continuing character development is on occurrence, the information given about world background is too little at this point thus why my review(rating) will change accordingly. If I were to give my opinion on the story on what kind of vibe it gives; it reminds me of the tragic start of a lore of old, finally finding peace at 1 aspect of life.....well just my opinion. Good luck with the continuity of the novel hope to see regular chapters.


The real pros of this book are the details given and the writing in my opinion, while the world background is also full, the Mc doesn’t have any real goals and only reacts to external stimuli by ch 17, maybe make him want to create the best farm at least don’t make him only react to external simulation


The release is slow but consistent. This novel is one of the best written things here. If OP main characters and transmigration like in overload you may enjoy this read.


SPANISH!! Para emepzar la novela esta muy bien escrita y más el Desarrollo mundial, los personajes tienen sus propias caracteristicas y no son solo los tipicos personajes con personalidad copiada a MC de anime. En respecto a como va el desarrollo de la historia por el momento es ¡¡Genial!! no te meten peleas super aburridas con todo tipo de Habilidades OP por el contrario poco a poco va mostrando algunas habilidades que tenial en el juego (ya que es nvl 100 [max]) el ecuentro con las personas se desarrolla normal y no aparecen NPC salvajes... al inicio parece más una historia de vida diaria lenta pero poco a poco te ves más metido en la historia, el mundo, los sentiemientos (maldito capitulo 23 😭)


Good story, hope to keep on reading, keep up the good work. Pleasant to read. I like the characters and that they are easy to understand, I would say that I would want more chapters but a good story has it's on pace.


Would sincerely recommend this story. From looking at the cover you would not think the quality would be too high, however, the details that has gone into world building, even in the first chapter is astonishing. The depth behind the characters is really good as well. That is why people say not too judge a book by its cover, otherwise you might miss this gem.


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