242 World famous

"Brother! You also logged out! We did just now too!" Mei Mei beamed as soon as she saw Liam walking out of his room.

Standing next to her, Shen Yue who was fiddling with her phone, almost dropped it in nervousness.

Liam luckily was close enough so he somehow managed to catch it with his hand before it dropped on the floor and broke apart.

"Oops. I got it. Here you go." He returned it to her.

Shen Yue immediately became bright red. She bit her lips feeling frustrated that every single time she was always getting embarrassed in front of this guy.

Mei Mei, on the other hand, giggled in amusement. "Brother, what is this! Aha ha ha. Just like inside the game, here also you have super fast reflexes! Ha ha ha."

She just commented innocently but Liam's face slightly changed as soon as he heard it. Was he actually faster than usual?

A thought popped up in his mind. However, he was quickly distracted by the crying sounds from his stomach.

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