238 Who is being toyed with by whom?

Hongumbra's red eyes glowed even more viciously and several swirling black fumes of energy started gathering around him.

Whatever spell he was casting did not look simple at all. His health as well was on its last straw and he was only barely holding on.

This was most probably his last hail mary attempt.

Even the demons standing around looked amazed and were watching the leader in awe as if they were seeing something mystical and magical.

There was a look of deep respect and worship in their eyes. One could tell that they all were devotedly loyal to the garrison leader.

Seeing all this, Liam needed only a fraction of a second to gauge the situation.Β 

He did not dare wait and watch the outcome of this spell and started immediately barraging the demon with a volley of attacks.

This was why he had waited and spent the time to do some initial intel gathering.Β 

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