228 Surprise Motherfcker!

Liam silently walked out of the royal city. He was a bit distracted because of all the recent things that were happening.

Kouske… The Gu family… The four experts he had competed with… and now Luna… 

He had also not improved his strength in a while.

There were too many things that he needed to do.

He couldn't help but feel as if everything was slowly slipping away from his hands and he was also slowly losing the advantage he had.

It was as if he was just another minute away from losing everything he had and returning back to that helpless nobody he was in his past life.

Liam clenched his fists tightly until his knuckles turned white and looked ahead with determination.

He would never become that weak helpless person again. No matter what happened he was never going to let history repeat itself.

It was time to power up!

Just as he was stepping out of the gates, he whistled and Talon immediately flew down to him.

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