247 Nether infested

"Bro, what is this? Are we already too late? Damn it." Madam chewed his nails in nervousness. "I knew something was up when we got orders to finish this quest first despite our level."

"We could have easily taken care of this Kingdom quest if we were at least 40 or 45 like that damn monster Liam."

"Is that guy using viagra to level or what? How is he alone 10 levels above us?"

"And now not only are we weak in this zone, we also have some competition! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!"

"Why the fuck is nothing going well these days!"

"First the flame fragment and now this!" Madan continued incessantly chatting in his nervousness.Β 

He did not look like he was going to stop anytime soon, so Anya scoffed at him in irritation. "Can you stop talking?" She directly said, her tone cutting especially because of her unique accent.

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