164 Mission Complete?

After catching the man's glance briefly, Liam grinned and waved his hand before reactivating his [Stealth] and disappearing into the southern cave.

Now that some of the Overseers were out and most of the Sentinels were also out, the time was ripe for him to take action.

He could have done this a while back but this turned out for the better as now he was able to move around and explore the place better and with more ease.

Once he was in, Liam's eyes wandered around speedily, taking in everything around him. He was standing in a huge hall almost completely lined with some sort of metal.

The inside of the cave was a stark contrast to the outside which was just a rudimentary rocky cave structure. 

In complete contrast to that, there were huge metallic structures and weird machines all around.

Even though Liam had already seen this beforehand, he couldn't help but gape at the expanse of the machinery.

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