101 Living the slow life?

A few minutes passed and Liam's group was still unable to spot anything alive in the area. 

There were just acres and acres of plain grasslands all around with a few small rocky heaps here and there.

Who were they supposed to loot and plunder?

"Well… it doesn't matter. As long as we survive for the next couple of hours, I should be able to get the experience points. Not to mention all the bonus experience points."

Liam shrugged and led his team back to the portal where they idly sat down.

The small fox and the bird tumbled on the green grass and played around. The sun was gentle and the breeze was comforting. It was a nice day to enjoy nature.

Some of the demons even started to lie down and look at the blue sky. Their own lands were not this pleasant. It was always dark and dreary, with black rain pouring from the sky endlessly.

So this change in atmosphere was very nice. One even fell asleep, snoring soundly. 

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