201 Kingdom Quest

[Level 50; Dark Mage]

[Level 48; Dark Mage]

Liam gripped his sword tightly and dashed forward to first test the waters. In truth, it was not the level difference he was most concerned about, rather it was their skills and abilities.

Although he had just now faced numerous dark mages as a part of the invasion, he was not confident at all when fighting against these two in front of him.

This was because those mages were lower-level cannon fodder, incapable of casting any powerful spells. That was why they had been massacred by him.

However, these ones were different. 

Because they were level 50, they should be capable of executing some special skills that tapped into the dark element.

The nether realm event that was going to start soon involved all sorts of dark practitioners and nether realm beings, so everyone had at least once or twice fought against this type.

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