54 I will decline

Liam took out the egg from his inventory space and handed it to the shopkeeper who had a big smile plastered on her face. "Anything for you, handsome!"

However, her eyes that were still glued to Liam, and looking at him with twinkles suddenly shifted to the medium-sized egg on her hand. 

Her look as well turned serious as she began to examine the egg in detail. It was a white colored egg that was devoid of any specific patterns or marks and it was pristinely clean, almost giving a feeling that nothing could taint it.

"This! Where did you get this?!"

Alex who was rolling her eyes at the woman's blatant fawning over Liam also became silent and listened in on the conversation intently.

She now understood that this was why he had come here and not to buy the eggs that had been on display. 

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