231 Black-masked Oni

"Sterling! This guy is that person nicknamed oni! This is his signature black mask! Call for backup. Now!" One of the frontline fighters shouted out loud, alerting everyone.

Of course, other people had also seen this as currently, every single member of their team had their eyes fixed on the portal opening.

However, they were too shocked and the tank's loud warning helped many people snap back. Sterling also responded by immediately calling for backup.

He originally thought that 50 players were overkill but now that the black-masked oni was involved, he had a feeling that even this number might not be enough.

Everyone quickly doubled back on their efforts and started giving out 200% of what they were capable of. 

This quest was not going to be easy, to begin with, but now with this 'oni' involved, everything was up in the air!

Meanwhile… at the other end of the same battle…

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