81 Again!

"No." Liam shook his head. "Watch its health. It lost a lot of its health while summoning these dead villagers. We should start targeting the boss now."

As he finished explaining, he started bombarding the boss with more attacks, and everyone else quickly joined in as well.

Fighting this boss was initially supposed to be extremely complicated as it swarmed the players with undead mobs while also attacking simultaneously.

But now, because of the strategy and positioning they used, this became overly simplified and all they had to do was grind down the remaining health.

When the big 5 million health bar was reduced to the last hundreds, the wraith general started casting something once again but Liam interrupted it by throwing a fireball right at its mouth.

Spells could also be interrupted like this? Everyone was dumbfounded. This… This brought a new meaning to the words 'eat my attack'. 

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