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What is Re: Conquest - Black Onyx

Re: Conquest - Black Onyx is a popular web novel written by the author Deadgear, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, R18, COMEDY, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, ABILITIES, BLOODANDGORE, MAGICWEAPONSANDTECH, Fantasy genres. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"For millennia, the great tribes of Liri have fought to dominate each another . Even though there was no reason for conflicts among themselves; many tribes hunted, killed and consumed neighboring peoples and even there own kind . Now why was this, was it for riches?, for power?, for land? or out of pure hatred for others not of their kin. In a time long forgotten a new power was sought by the races, unearthly gems which could empower the user with inhuman powers were given to high tribe member in varying races .With this new power many tribes were enslaved and whole races eradicated. But all that was millenia passed as a new threat arise . No Virak , Iphnar or Fae had seen such a threat in their long life's; an immerse disasters that would affect all the races. A Battle against a new race. the Akui. With no urge but to conquer, the Akui ravaged the continents murdering billions and causing the evacuation of two (2) continents. In the fires of this disaster a new hope was given to Liri, three warriors how wheeled the might of the forgotten age began to fight back slowly pushing back the hordes . It was during this time period that the Gods send there messenger, Tulmoth, to offer a gift of power to the nations; this was the power to command the elements. This would make it possible for each nation to fight on all sides and eradicate the unsightly hordes but this had a catch. The three warriors; Cathleen Erimis , Zaafir Armoth and Kyle were to aid the Gods in decisive battle. the hordes were erased and the great warriors returned victorious, time went by and the races became more diverse a great era of peace began. Despite there differences and grievances the great nations have banded together from that time till know under one core value 'All Akui and there offspring (monsters) must be eradicated!'. ", spoke old kylie. " That's it! that's the sorry i heard in my sleep", khris mumbled," you know more?" " No kid, thats all the history i remember from the outside", replied old Kylie. I upload once a week or more depends on you guys comments

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